Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quit as Gerakan adviser, Tan Kee Kwong tells Keng Yaik

Kuala Lumpur Gerakan chairman Datuk Dr Tan Kee Kwong has urged Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik to quit his post as the party adviser because his frequent interference in party affairs has done a lot of damage to the party.
Tan, who is also a Gerakan Central Committee member, said Lim should stop meddling in party affairs and instead retire and devote more time to his family.
“By giving unsolicited advice publicly over party matters over the past few months, Lim has done a lot of damage to the party’s image,” he told a media conference here today.
Commenting on Gerakan former deputy secretary-general Datuk Lee Kah Choon’s appointment as a director of Penang Development Corporation (PDC) and executive chairman of InvestPenang, Tan said he regretted that a capable leader like Lee had to quit the party as a result of Dr Lim’s actions.
“Lee Kah Choon accepted the two posts for the benefit of the people of Penang. These appointments are non political, and his work would be no different from that of a civil servant who is apolitical,” he added.
He said Lee set an excellent example of how people with differing political views can work together for the benefit of the people.
Tan also announced that he will not stand for the Kuala Lumpur Gerakan dan Segambut division chairmen posts in the party election this August.
Cheras Gerakan chairman Dr Hsu Dar Ren, Setiawangsa chairman Li Tiam Chai and Federal Territory assistant secretary K.K. Supramaniam were also present at the press conference.

tunku : i still remember keng yaik said just before or just after he retires that he don’t want to be another Dr Mahathir.When he steps down he will shut now it's proven that he too 'cakap tak serupa bikin' coming back to gerakan, i was informed by few gerakan supporters that many of them are leaving the party to join dap. gerakan will show it true colours in near future(not all of them).they knows that their future is very blur at this point of time and might crossover somewhere.

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