Saturday, December 6, 2008

MIC All For Vision Schools( Sekolah Wawasan)

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 5 (Bernama) -- The MIC will support the implementation of the Vision School or "Sekolah Wawasan" concept and urged the government to speed up the project, its president Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu said Friday.
He said the party was puzzled over the delay in the project's implementation although the MIC was in favour of it since it was mooted by former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad almost a decade ago.
"It has been 10 years since the project was started, but up till now, only five or six such schools have been built," he told reporters after opening a forum to discuss the use of English in the teaching of Maths and Science in Tamil schools, here.
The one-day forum was attended by Tamil school headmasters and Education Ministry officials.
The Vision School concept involves the integration of national and vernacular schools under one roof or compound, although each school would its identity and name.
Dr. Mahathir mooted the idea to allow for children from all races to interact as a means fostering unity while maintaining the respective school's status.
Samy Vellu said although some quarters were against the Vision School, the MIC felt it was "a good and beneficial project" as Tamil schools would be equipped with new buildings and equipment since the project was funded totally by the government.
Presently, 329 of the 523 Tamil schools in the country are partially-aided and require funding from the government on an annual basis.
He also said the project would ensure the survival of Tamil schools which currently has a total enrollment of almost 110,000 students.
The government had recently allocated RM50 million under the stimulus package to rebuild Tamil schools for 2009.
Samy Vellu also said a special forum with Parents Teachers Association (PTA) will be held on Dec 14, 2008 from 1pm to 6pm in Kuala Lumpur to get the parents' feedback on the teaching of Maths and Science in English in Tamil schools.
"Only after that, we will submit to the Government our decision as the parents are the most important stakeholders in this matter," he said.
PTAs are advised to contact MIC Education Committee Chairman Datuk Dr. T.Marimuthu at 016-2019466 or K.Manikam from the Social Strategic Foundation at 03-40415958.

tunku : it was a brilliant idea by tun mahathir but some quarters especially the dong ziong group opposed this concept totally.for this i have to say that samy and mic had always supported the vision school (sekolah wawasan) idea but mca and gerakan show lack of interest and of course the opposition was against it..the malay, chinese and tamil schools under one campus, with their own way of teaching but sharing canteens, sharing morning assembly, participating in social activities together like the scouts etc and in the sports activities by mixing all the races.i don't understand why there are some quarters opposing to this idea.the schools will have their own teachers and their own headmasters, so what is the problem?


Tok Kemuning said...

With the latest statement by Mukhriz even vision school is not good enough to intergrate our children to become more Malaysian.

After 50 years we need to scrap the school systems to have failed to intergrate us for betterment of our children generation. The generation of real Malaysian where the Malay, Chinese, Tamil and other races school children attending the same school and being taught by the same teacher.

Anyhow the Chinese, Tamil and Malay politicians actually have no will power to change for the better to our children generation. Their short term interest is more beneficial than the long term benefit to our children generation.

We need to learn and communicate on the same language as a platform to a stronger Malaysian generation.

Our politician is creating too much barriers among us despite more that 50 years gaining our independent we are still disagreed about our basic requirement as a Malaysian.

We need to stay away from the status quo and willing to sacrifice for a change only then our children will be a better Malaysian generation than our generation (that still disagreed among us).

Anonymous said...

Is our education systems failed?
Look at Malaya Unity- now we got UMNO,PKR, PAS...The MCA, GERAKAN, MCA,PPP...Now more quarrel and extreme personalities in Parliment sessions....We cannot determine unity base on educations. Educations teach our generation a SKILL to survive in ever competitive world. People change their mind , their personality, their choice of politics as the struggle to survive. Likewise, the leaders, a Good leaders are those who can plan, lead and ensure people get stable income and enough food for every single family everyday.
When any1 of them feel hungry, sidelined, they will show their dis-unity by their actions.

By the way, how much would it cost the taxpayer money to realised the wawasan schools? another 50 bil? how much to be written off for many schools built up by donation, charities over the past 20,30,40 years?

We need to think and measure our plan in the forth coming crisis, as no one know where money will come from...our wealth can be used up in the next 2 years of recession.

Let focus our energy and attention in coping and helping every family, so they got jobs, got business, got contract, got paid and can buy 'cheap food' for the family everyday. When people stomach is hungry, no one bother about politician's visions. Those who can guide them to find money, find food and comfort will be the loved leaders...

History reminds us....

anonemo said...

Sekolah Wawasan ini satu cara yang baik untuk memulihkan perpaduan antara kaum di Malaysia.

SetiaSelalu said...

As a Chinese I think the Wawasan School idea by Tun Mahathir deserve support as all the children of all races mixed together.It can only be Good that Malaysians of all Races come together in the spirit of unity eventhough they maintain their individual language schools.
Lets look beyond race please....Umno/Mca/Mic must take note of the changes and people are not happy of racial politics esp. promoting ketuanan this & that.
Unity among the races is of paramount importance to face a challenging future esp for coming generations of Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

We are talking about integration and link this to education system.Think about those 1980s era. My malay and chinese classmates will come to my house on deepavali day. we will join visit other friends on hari raya and chinese new year day. In fact we were from tamil, chinese and malay primary schools.

Only now weware asyaing the primary schools didnt integerate our children to become more malaysian. Idont think that one sk based school will overcome this problem. Even now the PPDs says SK orang asli and it will goes to SK tamil and sk chinese if the pupils sre from certain racial baground.

It all of the superiority of certain malaysia that not engourage thier children not to mix around with other children. even in secondry school i have heard about some ..... teachers preaching this. Then How you expect to have intergration.