Monday, February 11, 2008

Nik Aziz: PAS has made 100 changes in Kelantan

KOTA BARU: The PAS-led state government has made 100 socio-economic changes, mostly related to religion, since it swept to power in 1990, claimed Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.
He said among the changes and reviews were closing gambling outlets and pawnshops, and “controlling” unisex hair saloons with stricter conditions.
There was also a campaign requiring Muslim women to wear tudung (headscarves), putting up prayer billboards, granting maternity leave up to 60 days, providing three-room low-cost housing and launching the dinar emas (gold dinar) commemorative coins, he added.
“There was also the launching of buildings with Islamic designs and gender segregation policies.
“None of our state PAS leaders were charged with corruption,” said Nik Abdul Aziz.
The Mentri Besar, who is the PAS spiritual leader, said many local and foreign tourists also wanted to visit Kelantan to “experience” PAS' Islamist rule.
Kelantan was able to promote tourism despite not providing facilities and permits for night entertainment, he added.
Nik Aziz said that the state expected to attract 5.7million tourist arrivals this year, which would bring in RM1.6bil to the state's coffers.
He cited the mushrooming of religious schools as another plus point under PAS rule here.

tunku : i was disappointed, i thought they will list down the 100 changes nik aziz made for the past 18 YEARS but the only list down few and it's nothing great about it. talk about night entertainment, there are many illegal brothel in kelantan, talk about three bedrooms house, it's common everywhere, talk about the mushrooming of religious schools, it's not a plus point as the most important thing is the quality education you provides not the quantity.kelantan still has more than 20% hardcore poors.
pas is only fielding 60 candidates for parliamentary seats this coming GE, the least seats among the opposition pact. i just want to ask pas members, what can your party provides you when you are not the majority in decision making IF you wins the election, though pas has more members than dap and pkr.


kelantanese diaspora said...

i am not a pas member but an admirer of Nik Aziz just like I am an admirer of mamak mahathir. You should see what he has achieved without much support from the fed govt coz they are fr the opposition to see why so many admires Nik Aziz. U have so much prejudice on things that you dont understand and sadly u are melayu right? or r u another mamak or toyol in disguise?

tunku said...

so you think pas will still wins in kelantan?then all the best to you guys.i have no prejudice, that's why i have said earlier let the DUN be won by bn but the opposition wins the parliamentary seats in kelantan.
last but not least i consider myself as malaysian, not malay,mamak, toyol or jin aprit.its people like you who always divide the humanity according to their colours(racist).

Independent Malaysian said...

Before you hit at PAS, look how the article was framed. It was basically done in a manner that scares non-Muslims and misinforms foreigners too. While UMNO may be happy that its press character assasinates PAS, it hurts me a lot that the damage done to Islam in that process is enormous. And I wonder if a Muslim feels happy if Islam is hurt or its image dented for political expediency. Secondly, the few things mentioned there were basically no useful and UMNO's press preferred to write about the least useful while omitting the 99 good things. Anyway, time will tell what's good. As a person, I'm not voting to any party. I'm an independent and I have no faith in neither UMNO nor PAS.

tunku said...

mr independent,

u should use yr right to vote, its very important for our future, if u think bn is the future vote bn, if u think pas or others the future then pls vote for them.

btw : pas is not islam and islam is not pas.

MYFRED said...


tunku said...

which are the independent source? pls name it?

after all i don't take it for granted what the mainstream medias reports.