Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PAS Will Only Implements Islamic Rules If The Non Muslim Allows

Pas MB: Ban on vices not ruled out in Kedah
Kedah Mentri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak has not ruled out a ban on the sale of hard liquor and gambling in the state but this would only happen if the Chinese community agreed to it.
If the Chinese think that gambling and drinking is fine then we will let it go on. If there are no restrictions from other religions, we’ll let it go on.
"But from how I see it, some of them don’t agree with gambling and drinking.
"So if the Buddhists or Christians say it’s wrong, then we will wait and see if we want to act against gambling and the selling of liquor," he told Malaysiakini.
There is still an air of uncertainty whether the PAS-led state government would implement a ban against vices stated in the Muslim religion.
However, Azizan remains steadfast that there will be no drastic changes in Kedah and that the implementation of Islamic law would come into force only when the people fully understood the religion.
Meanwhile, Anak Bukit state assemblyperson Amirudddin Hamzah echoed Azizan’s stand and said any new policy will only be done with consultation from the people.
"(Policy changes) will not be forced upon the people suddenly. The MB has said that the existing policies will go on. There will not be any major changes.
"If there was, it would be done with consultation and education from the people," he said.
He said liquor shops and gambling licences will carry on and be allowed to open.
"We were also made known that gambling and drinking is prohibited in other religions. Should any policy changes on these matters arise we will not do it instantly, we’ll do it step by step," he added.

Open selling of pork
In another matter, various groups have called for pork to be sold openly in Sungai Petani.
Currently in the town, pork is sold behind tinted screens and black plastic bags are used. This ruling was put in place under the previous Barisan Nasional government.
According to them, parliamentarian Johari Abdul from PKR had promised in his election manifesto that pork will be sold openly.
Azizan when quizzed on whether his government would reverse the ruling, said: "I don’t know. We have to wait and see. Right now we are focused on the development for the people."
Meanwhile, Amirudddin could not confirm if this has been discussed as he was presently in Kuala Lumpur.
He said the Kedah state executive council will be holding a meeting tomorrow and is unclear if the issue of pork will arise.
PAS formed the new state government after winning 16 out of the 36 state seats available. They also won four from the 15 parliamentary seats in Kedah.

tunku : pas had shown their true colours.Where are the so called ISLAMIC RULES ? Where are the hudud that you promised the kampung people ? Now you are saying that if the people wants it all the vice activities will carry on. These people called themselves the true muslim and had labelled umno as infidels.Now is the chance for us to see who are infidels."cakap tak serupa bikin". Just look at how PKR did their campaign during the election, they promised al sort of things just to get votes.


Anonymous said...

My dear Tunku,

It would be more apt to say that PAS' true colours show it to be a very pragmatic party. PAS does not want to lose all the Chinese votes it manages to win so far - which would prove useful in 1:1 contests with UMNO either in parliament or DUN. Should PAS do so much as ban sale of pork, gambling and alcohol, the Chinese will vote against PAS in the next elections and PAS will lose. Please note that even in Kelantan where PAS has been ruling since 1990, Nik Aziz also allowed the Chinese to sell their pork and alcohol in public.

Have a nice day Tunku.

tunku said...

tak dak nama,
i did not say that they did wrong thing, its only what they tells the kampong people during their ceramah that is contradicting.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem of Islam being misunderstood among the Muslims themselves.

Allowing non-Muslims to sell and buy pork, sell and buy liquor among themselves are just to show how Islam allows non-Muslims to continue with their normal life, as long as they are not against their own religion.

Hudud is for Muslims, but Muslims must first be educated on the Islamic Syariah in a proper and true manner before they can appreciate what Hudud and "Siasah Syar'iyyah" are all about, hence accepting it. But in the process, we hear a lot of nuisance created by some Muslims.

For some Muslims, this process may be scary as this group people will never want their own religion to dictate their lifestyle, I don't know why.

Tak Dak Nama 3

Anonymous said...

Ayat 'Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin' sangat sesuai untuk Semua Pemimpin PAS.


melayu_anti_melayu said...

The UMNO President is the best of the best example of Cakap tak Serupa Bikin. Promise during live telecast interview Election LOSSER will not be appointed but he went on an appoint the LOSSER Sharizat as advisorrrr bertaraf Menteri Hahahahaha biggest Losser of allllll

NoktahHitam said...

I would really like to see the Hudud being implemented.

As far as I know, Hudud is supposed to be practised in public. If hukum pancung, then they have to show it to public. This serves as a warning, just like our prophets did. Rejam sampai mati for berzina etc. In the modern day, we'll probably be condemned for being violent (Islam as terrorist again).

Im looking forward for lower crime. I dont care about economy. Whats the point of having so much money and at the same time thinking that you children isnt safe from kidnappers?

Since long ago, non-muslim and muslim co-exist to nourish the land of Arabs. Why cant we have it here?


Oghe Kelate said...

Hudud law could only be implemented once or when the various prerequisites are fulfilled: religious understanding; policies that will safeguard the welfare of each individual in the population are in place; extreme poverty eradicated; etc

Hence, Kedah's PAS is already implementating the Hudud law by starting of with education. I am sure they will subsequently take steps to eradicate poverty and introduce policies that will safeguard the welfare of every individual in Kedah.

Kedah PAS has been very practical by:
(1)being aware that non muslims exist in Kedah and making a clear statement that the plan to implement the law would take into account the view of the non muslims.

(2) starting of with educating both the muslims and non muslims - Hudud law applies only to muslim

The phrase "cakap tak serupa bikin" does not apply. The election motto "menjadikan Malaysia negara berkebajikan", I guess is the first stage of Hudud law.

Nothing in the hudud law says that Pork and alcohol could not be sold by non muslim. In fact, the Kelantanese PAS government has been very practical.