Monday, March 11, 2013


Congratulations to Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi for his tough stand on the terrorists – unconditional surrender or face the Armed Forces and Police wrath.
That’s the spirit and that should be the stand because the Sulu Sultan has been playing tricks from the first day – not recognized and neither have the status quo – is using all kind of excuses now to salvage his army.
When he sent his army, he did even have the mercy to our men who were doing their job protecting the people and country with utmost care and consideration.
The Sultanate did not even wink an eye when our Armed Forces men were tricked and then killed, and then the bodies mutilated and still he insisting his army would continue to fight and would not surrender.
But today and a few days ago, the Sultan appealed for ceasefire, appealed that international media be given permission to cover, all at a time when our Armed Forces and Police are successfully pursuing them and got them cornered.
The Sultanate is also playing up Islamic sentiments, as though he and his followers are truly Muslims who follow the fundamentals.
But he did not even think about Islamic fundamentals and principles when he sent his army to Sabah, when his army started shooting our men, cheated our men by flying white flags and shooting them dead when our men approached to negotiate.
From day 1 until today, the Sultanate has never followed any Islamic fundamentals or principles and when his army has been cornered with nowhere to hide, he plays the Islamic card.
In short, he wants to safe his men from death whom he said just weeks ago they were willing to face death then to surrender, and he wants to be recognized as an international player in this game despite the Philippines government not recognizing him at all.
He loves the attention of the media and of course, the United Nation, never mind about being made used of by anybody or any superpower so long as he gets the attention, never mind about achieving his objective.
He is just like the opposition leader of Malaysia who does not care less about human feelings and is willing to sell his soul to the highest bidder as long as he gets what he wants.
This man who claims to be the Sultanate should not be given any consideration of any kind, what more to be treated with some mercy because when his army acted without mercy on our security personnel, he did not even say a word about being Islamic, treat thy enemy the Islamic way.
Zahid Hamid had made a stand and he made us proud to have him as a Defence Minister.

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