Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sulu Drama: Tian Chua Need To Explain To Lahad Datu Residents

Claiming something as 'drama from UMNO' is a standard phrase for Pakatan Rakyat to escape from their own trap. This phrase is often used anytime and anywhere, including when the matter of life or death as well as the country's sovereignty's at risk. As if the whole world runs around UMNO-PAS or BN-PR alone.
The Sauk tragedy showed terrorist group, AlMaunah ate up the opposition's provocation saying that the government is kafir and they should be fought against, we also claimed as drama because they refuse to admit that it came from their doctrine.
And now, the matter of Sulu intrusion is just as same. Even though some of our security forces were killed, the opposition still insisted, saying that it is just mere drama.
PKR Vice President, Tian Chua, the person who champions this drama claim, has been charged because he refuse to withdraw his statement. The sad thing is, not even a single PR leader say anything to him, proving that they bless his actions.
This causes PR supporters to keep on believing that this is all just a drama while insulting security forces officers, including those who died.
We do admit that those are the ones who are too absorbed in the political world which they can no longer see anything without linking politics into it.
It is impossible for us to stop these people. Thus, we have no other choice but to keep on explaining as well as praying that they will come back to their senses and accept the truth.
However, PR, especially Tian Chua, cannot simply runaway from this matter. Tian Chua is responsible to explain to Sabahans, Lahad Datu especially, on what he meant by drama.
If Dato’ Seri Najib came down to see the people as well as our soldiers there, even former Premier went as well, Tian Chua has no excuse to not head there to describe the situation based on his theory.
We would like Tian Chua to meet up with residents who had to move out from theirt houses and those who faced those terrorists and tell them that it is just a drama. More importantly, we would like Tian Chua to meet up with out security forces and tell them that they are just part of a play and their fallen friends are actually alive and well.
If this is just a drama, Tian Chua should have no problem to go there and he has nothing to fear. And if this is really a drama, this should be an advantage for the opposition and Tian Chua should really head to Lahad Datu.
Isn't it what the opposition wants?
So that rakyat will believe that Barisan Nasional government intentionally invited one of Anwar Ibrahim's old friends to attack our country to raise the identity card issue in Sabah?
And that as if the identity cards were given to Sulu people as long as BN could win in Sabah, but all the sudden BN decided to attack and clear out Sulu people even before they get to vote?
Isn't this the thing which opposition supporters are selling in their social network page? Isn't this the thing which Tian Chua has been telling them? That the government is just playing this drama?
Thus, we would like Tian Chua to show the world how Sulu people will not kill him because everything which the government media has been telling are just drama.
If not, how can Tian Chua prove that he is telling the truth?

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