Monday, March 25, 2013

The Corrupt Saga of Lim Guan Eng’s RM8 Billion Mega Project in the secret PowerPoint files – Exposing the Mega Cronies behind the scenes (Part 2)

Who is Annie & Party?
The PowerPoint slide shows “JU-10%-Annie & Party”. We all know that JU represents Juteras Sdn Bhd but all that the an official company search will reveal is that there are 2 individuals who act as proxies and nominees. These are the first directors and company secretaries and the names of such people are pretty inconsequential as they are “borrowed” names of professionals and they will not know what is going on.
More often than not, these people are kept on a certain payroll of accountants and company secretaries who will use them to incorporate new companies on an urgent basis for clients and who will then transfer the shares to the real owners in due course. Professional fees are paid to such nominees for their services – which can even extend to opening of bank accounts and becoming nominee signatories for the bank accounts as well until such time that the real owners decide to surface or get another set of their nominees to replace the first set of original nominees.
If the name is simply “Annie”, it would have been more difficult to unravel but since it is stated as “Annie & Party” and the “P” is capitalised in Party, it can only mean that Annie refers to “Anwar Ibrahim & Party”.
This means that Juteras Sdn Bhd is a company that has 10% stake in the mega project and it belongs to Anwar Ibrahim and his party, PKR.  That is the kickback by Guan Eng to Anwar to keep Anwar in line and also to act as insurance for Guan Eng in the unlikely event that PR takes over power in Putrajaya and Anwar really becomes Prime Minister.

So for Guan Eng,  it is always a smart idea to have his political partners to have a small share in his spoils of war and corruption activities so that he will taint him as well. In that way, by having a file on Anwar Ibrahim on the take will act as a useful deterrent file against Anwar if he tries to be funny and edge out Guan Eng. Guan Eng knows his leverage.
So the 10% will belong to Anwar Ibrahim and it is up to him how to further allocate the share, if any, to his own party, the PKR. That will then be his own internal matter.
Guan Eng has made the first right move and by making Anwar an accomplice, he can bring Anwar down anytime in future, if required.

Guan Eng is playing a very dangerous game by trying to snare Anwar Ibrahim, who is the Master of Corruption himself. But then the Guan Eng that we have today has evolved to be super arrogant and always so confident of his own genius that he thinks he is always right.
If there are seniors in the party who can still speak to him and advise him, please do so immediately before he destroys himself and the DAP by embarking onto this road of corruption, dirty money and destruction…

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