Thursday, March 28, 2013

POLITICS: Opposition not fit to govern

LAST Saturday there was a session with an opposition leader in one of the hotels in Petaling Jaya. Being an ardent follower of politics and an eligible voter, I went to hear what the opposition leader had to say.

Upon reaching there, one of the opposition's henchmen, a youth in his 20s, rudely demanded my age, citing that if I was not a "youth" then I must wait outside, as the event was not for elders.
I was disgusted at the high handed attitude of the youth, who claimed he had been instructed by his party to do so. But then, I saw there were other senior citizens in the ballroom.
I realised then, I was being discriminated because of my appearance. I guess they could not make out if I was Malay, Chinese or Indian.
I guess they did not know what a Sikh looks like as they had been shrouded by their political masters, too.
His explanation, unacceptable though, was that this event was for the youth. He said it was stated on their website.
I disputed it and said the condition for entry to the event was not stated on their website. It was mentioned that the youth will have an opportunity to throw questions to their leader but there was no mention that only youth will be allowed for the session.
I was then surrounded by their people and I felt intimidated. But as a voter and knowing my rights, I challenged them to state where they had put the conditions for attendees or the public.
The episode left me, my relatives and friends with one major apprehension on the issue of how the opposition is trying to empower the youth of today.
I have nothing personal against the youth, as I was once in their shoes, too. However, manners and respectfulness must always be there in whatever age group they belong to.
If this is the kind of arrogance and grooming that is championed by the opposition, then the lasting impression is bitter in all aspects.
The public must be reminded repeatedly that merely changing for the sake of change, as championed by the opposition, may land ourselves with more problems.
The opposition does not appear to have the right mix of leaders to progress in the future.
Where is the structure of management? They propagate that the youth will lead but if they are nurturing the ideology of governing through might, we may be heading towards more turbulent times.
A simple session with their leader has so many obstacles and red-tape, with discriminative thug-like attitude controlling the guests.
What can the rakyat expect in return? I do not feel safe, how is the rakyat going to feel safe and assured with the future of Malaysia in their hands?
Governing a nation is not a trial and error virtual game. It takes far more than just emotions and will to administer.
It's time for the rakyat to think not only locally, but globally and in a holistic manner.
The future of Malaysia is not for gamble. Your single vote essentially decides the future of all. Opposing just for the sake of opposing will not bring you far.

Narinder Pal Singh, Shah Alam, Selangor

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