Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Corrupt Saga of Lim Guan Eng’s RM8 billion Mega Project in the secret PowerPoint files – Exposing the Mega Cronies behind the scenes (Part 4)

The old Anwar Ibrahim Connection
In Part 2 of our article in this series, “Who is Annie & Party”, we disclosed that “Annie & Party” refers to Anwar Ibrahim and his party, PKR. Lim Guan Eng has seen it fit to give 10% share of the RM8 billion mega project to Anwar in order to keep Anwar on his side.
Many readers have expressed doubt that Anwar is involved in this. But please remember that Anwar comes from Penang and in his hey days as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, the avenues of corruption by Anwar were very rampant in Penang. This article is to remind readers of the deep ties that Anwar had with many Penang developers way back in the go-go days of 1990s.

 Of course, Anwar will never use his own name. But the names of his brothers were very popular cronies to many top developers in Penang. That was in the 1990s.
Suffice to mention just the names of Anwar’s 2 brothers – Marzuki Ibrahim and Idrus Ibrahim.
Marzuki Ibrahim was roped in to sit on his board of directors by one Goh Choon Lye was then the hotshot developer in Penang who operated under Penas Corporation Berhad. Penas swept almost all the projects in Penang at that time as Anwar Ibrahim held sway. Penas built the Prangin Mall and also the Midlands One Stop Centre in Pulau Tikus.

 But Penas was built on very high gearing with loans form almost every banker in town and Goh Choon Lye led a high-flying life. He had a private jet and when he visits China, long lines of women lined the streets to greet him and often offered to entertain his throughout his stay there. He ended up having numerous mistresses and he courted and wooed and enticed other people’s wives as well so much so that he was nicknamed “MPPP – Garbage Truck”. Later, he eventually divorced his own wife and his own downfall began. It was all about Money, Sex and Power and the eventual fall of the Goh Choon Lye empire…

 Choon Lye had a private yacht too which was frequently used for Anwar Ibrahim’s leisure each time Anwar visited Penang and also to ferry Anwar to private beaches in Langkawi and one of Anwar’s favourite playground in Phuket which provided him with a huge supply of young nubile boys who can satisfy the deepest perverted sexual fantasies of Anwar Ibrahim. The yacht was also used ferry jet skis for Anwar – his favourite sports then – Anwar loves jet skiing in Penang off the secluded waters in Monkey Beach, Muka Head and Telok Bahang.
When Anwar was arrested and removed as Deputy Prime Minister in 1999, the house of cards that Penas built came crashing to the ground. Along with it went Goh Choon Lye who was declared a bankrupt and also Marzuki Ibrahim. Goh Choon Lye is also infamous for cutting cost on materials as well as swindling residents’ sinking fund. Most of Penas’ properties do not appreciate in price. In fact, most are tagged below launch price.

One of the most important project undertaken by Penas was the Midlands One Stop Centre in Pulau Tikus which also house the adjoining Berjaya Georgetown Hotel (see map below). And who has an interest in this hotel? None other than Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping who was very friendly with Goh Choon Lye then as he wanted to get close to Marzuki Ibrahim and in turn get to know Anwar Ibrahim. That is why Kok Pin decided to work with Goh Choon Lye to build Berjaya next to Midland One Stop Centre.
Till today, the relationship between Kok Ping and Choon Lye is still there but of course, now Choon Lye is nothing than just a runner and trouble shooter for Kok Ping as he is now financially in the doldrums. Choon Lye will do the dirty jobs and money laundering for Kok Ping today and handle the triad gang. But ironically Kok Pin got what he wanted – he now knows Anwar Ibrahim very well because of his relationship with Lim Guan Eng but alas the Anwar of today is a mere Opposition Leader and not the Deputy Prime Minister any more.
But of course, Anwar tells Kok Ping that he will become the next Prime Minister and so he can continue to rely on him. The connections are deep and they go far back and Lim Guan Eng has just stepped into this den of thieves.

These are exactly the kind of people that Guan Eng has surrounded himself with – dangerous people who can destroy him and the DAP and that is why faithful and principled party members must warn him to stay away for such bad company. They are simply bad news and bad luck will always follow them.
Guan Eng’s Penang Triple Crown Project will be the his downfall some day in the future – it is only a matter of time before the MACC investigates him and Guan Eng better pray that there are no paper trail that leads to him…or else…

We have done our part – now it is up to the ordinary members to tell Guan Eng. Don’t say we didn’t warn him and you people…

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