Monday, March 25, 2013

DAP Arrogance Kills PKR in Bentong

So, the news is out.
Wong Tack, so called ‘environmentalist’ and long term DAP member has finally announced his intention to contest in the next GE. To those who have been following his Himpunan Hijau adventures, this will come as no surprise.
But to those who actually believed this man was an environmentalist at heart, we say this – once again you’ve been fooled by the dirty politics that DAP practices.
Anyway, we are not here to discuss Wong.  We are here to discuss on the drama that is taking place in Bentong between DAP and PKR stalwarts. Both sets of grassroots leaders are at each other’s necks because PKR have been of the opinion that the Bentong seat is theirs to contest again.
DAP however feel that they need to contest in as many Chinese majority seats as possible. This chauvinist stand is public knowledge.
Despite this strategy, DAP very unsure about the Bentong seat. Leong Ngah Ngah, DAP Pahang chairman who has been eyeing the seat informed party leaders a few months ago that he did not feel confident of winning the seat.
Despite being a Chinese majority seat, Ngah felt that Liow Tiong Lai’s service record in Bentong will ensure the Health Minister wins. Liow is also very popular with Malay and Indian voters, a segment that Ngah and DAP have failed to penetrate.
When PKR learnt about Ngah’s stand, they were confident they would be given the seat again.
DAP though insisted they were the best bet for the seat. Guan Eng decided to convince Wong to run there and Wong being a headline hunter himself did not take long to say yes.
It has to be kept in mind that earlier in the year, DAP were entertaining the thought of putting a big name against Liow. Anthony Loke’s name was brandied about, as well as Ngah and even Kit Siang. These plans were not followed through because none of the big names wanted to risk their MP seat against Liow.
With Wong however, they have nothing much to lose. PKR on the other hand have a lot to lose, thus the ensuing infighting.
PKR MP Fuziah who has been the biggest critic of Lynas has come on record to say that Wong must stand as an independent and not on a DAP ticket. Wong’s candidacy is a big threat to Fuziah, who now knows that Anwar feels she is now disposable.
She has even publicly disagreed with Anwar on Lynas, insisting that Lynas will be closed down if PR wins the GE. This is after Anwar the chameleon told Australian press that he will consider keeping the plant open. (Foreign reporters understand that Lynas is completely safe so Anwar can’t afford to look like an idiot by saying otherwise)
And to rub salt to Fuziah’s wounds, even Wong has now said that Lynas can continue to operate if it is found to be safe. A far cry from just a few months ago when he threatened to burn down the factory.
To add further drama, the PKR candidate from 2008 G Ponnusamy has lashed out at DAP. He has declared that he will not support Wong and will not campaign for PR.
Look at the infighting for just one seat and then imagine the infighting that will take place when and if actual Cabinet positions are up for grabs!

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