Monday, April 18, 2016

#PRNSarawak : PBB's Idris Buang slams 'arrogant' Foo of SUPP

SUPP's Pending candidate Milton Foo is at the receiving end of brickbats from PBB members.

PBB supreme council member, Datuk Idris Buang, has taken to Facebook calling for Foo "to be out of Barisan Nasional" for showing disrespect to Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem.

"Foo has shown no qualms in defiling the conventions and etiquette of being a Barisan member," Idris said of the aspiring SUPP politician, who criticised Adenan in two statements over the weekend over candidate selection disagreement.

Idris said Adenan, as the coalition's state chief, had the authority to decide on candidates.

Idris, a lawyer and former Senator, said Adenan had based his selection on the winnability of the candidates, adding both SUPP and its brekaway party UPP, had candidates who can win in the elections.

He also said that, at this late stage, whoever was given the mandate to contest under the Barisan banner should "vow to give their fullest support to ensure Barisan victory."

"Foo should not criticise and question the state Barisan chairman's decision. He forgot there is only one captain on the state Barisan ship," Idris said.

On Saturday, Foo stunned many by releasing a hard-hitting critique of the Chief Minister on his Facebook page written in Chinese. On Sunday, he followed that up with an English version.

Foo said Adenan should not have given in to UPP in seats like Pelawan (in Sibu) and Pujut (Miri), accusing the Chief Minister of unilateral decisions without consultation with other parties.

“Don’t do to others that which you don’t want done to you. You want Sarawak to get back its autonomy, yet you trample on the dignity of your political allies,” Foo wrote.

When UPP broke off from SUPP in 2014, its elected representatives described the new party as Barisan friendly. Members remained in the state Cabinet. Following the split, SUPP had two state assemblymen, while UPP had four.

Another Barisan component SPDP, had also broken up at the same time, with six assemblymen forming Teras.

Until now, the original parties, despite having fewer elected representatives, insisted on contesting the same seats as before.

But so far Adenan has allowed incumbents from UPP and Teras to stand as "Barisan direct candidates", provided they resign from their parties, which remain outside the coalition officially.

Foo, a first time candidate, is going up against DAP's twice elected Violet Yong in Pending, an urban seat.

In his weekend statements, Foo said was not afraid to lose his candidacy for “speaking the truth”.

“People want to see a Chief Minister who walks the talk, not an authoritative and dictatorial leader to lead Sarawak towards regaining its autonomy and protecting state interests. So, I don’t hesitate to speak the truth, because you should listen to the truth, not flattery," Foo said.

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