Thursday, April 28, 2016

#PRNSarawak : Najib visits village named after his father

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak got a rousing reception at a village here named after his father Tun Abdul Razak Hussein who opened the settlement half a century ago. 

Kampung Tun Razak, was launched on Nov 13, 1966, with the visit of Tun Abdul Razak who was then deputy prime minister, something which subsequent generations of villagers have not forgotten. 

“On Nov 13, 1966, my father came to Triboh so now it is his son’s turn to come here. 

“History repeats itself, so if Tun Razak has done many good deeds, I also want to do good deeds to the people of Sarawak because the people of Sarawak have been sincere in supporting Barisan Nasional,” said Najib. 

The Barisan chairman and Prime Minister flew by helicopter to this village located about 80km from Kuching on Thursday. 

He was warmly greeted by hundreds of villagers and supporters who rushed to shake his hand as he arrived for a gathering at the village community hall. 

Outside the hall was a commemorative plaque explaining how the village, which used to be known as Kampung Triboh, was now Kampung Tun Razak, following the 1966 visit of Tun Razak. 

The multi-racial village has a large number of people from the Bidayuh and Iban Remun communities. 

Najib said a Barisan government would strive to bring development to all regardless of race or religious beliefs. 

“We don’t count whether we are Iban, Melanau, Malay, Bidayuh, Chinese or any other copy, we are all Sarawakians who are independent in Malaysia,” he said. 

Najib also said as the leader of the Federal Government, he would protect the interests of all communities. 

“I am Apai Besai (No. 1 leader) of Malaysia, and I have to look after all of the country from Perlis to Sabah and all of Sarawak. 

“I will make sure that the government takes care of all Malaysians because we are all one big family,” he added.

The village is located in the Bukit Semuja state constituency. 

Also present during Najib’s visit was the Barisan direct candidate for Bukit Semuja John Ilus. 

He is in a five-way fight for the new seat against Edward Luak from DAP, Johny Bob Aput from Star, Cobbold John Lusoi from PBDS Baru and independent Datuk Frederick Bayoi Manggie. 

Bukit Semuja has 13,365 voters comprising 47.8% Bidayuh, 21.7% Chinese, 17.2% Malay/Melanau, 12.6% Iban with the remaining 0.7% from other communities.

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