Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dr Zakir claims allegations against him untrue

Preacher Dr Zakir Naik  says the allegations against him with regard to degrading other religions are untrue.

He said Muslims are not allowed to degrade any religion and so he had never done such a thing.

“As for the allegations made, they’re untrue. I have never degraded any religion and it is prohibited for any Muslim to do so.

“Muslims are not permitted to criticise any religion.

“However, there are some fanatic people with a shallow understanding of their own religion who are making all the fuss. That’s why such allegations are made,’ he said during a question and answer session after his event here on Tuesday.

Dr Zakir added that the allegations, police reports and name-calling also made him more popular and had given him free publicity.

He also stressed that if he had made a mistake in any of his references to other religions, then the mistake should be pointed out.

Dr Zakir, the Islamic Research Foundation president, started a series of lectures in Terengganu last week, on the invitation of the state government.

His scheduled talk at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, which was earlier banned by police, was given the green light on Tuesday after a compromise was reached – that the theme of the talk is changed.

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