Friday, August 3, 2012


The Selangor state government is now in a fixed over Talam and water issues – the state leaders have gone so far in their manipulation to the extend they now no longer have rooms to go further.
Caught in a corner wit both issues, MB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim wanted to meet DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on the water issue but the latter declined because he had already formed a Cabinet committee to solve the problem.
The Langat2 treatment plant has to be built to avoid the state and Kuala Lumpur from being without water after 2014, the issue which Khalid had wanted to delay, of course for furthering the oppositions’ political mileage.
Right now Khalid owes the Selangor voters two issues – white paper on Talam Corporation and water – besides other small issues that he has yet to resolve which have angered many voters who voted them in 2008 general election.
With the BN onslaught which is now very rapid and packed with evidence, Khalid gets jittery and his stammer gets more frequent and worse when confronted by pressmen over the issues.
Things do not look good for the PR state government despite the strong and confident front they put up, every now and then highlighting weaknesses in the previous BN state government, the only way out they feel could reduce the rapid erosion of influence among the voters.
Holding on to whatever they can get their hands on – like a person swept by the currents of the running water in a river, grabbing on to any flowing branches – Khalid tries his best to hold but the undercurrent seems very strong for him…,too strong.
Hoping only on the Chinese voters who are said to still continuing supporting DAP, the PR state government is expected to lose the state as fast as they won it in 2008.
Unfulfilled promises are the highest on the list of resentments among voters which cause the erosion of confidence and influence as voters view new promises as mere lips service and new jokes.
Like PKR strategist Rafizi Ramli spoke on doing away with tax for cars, many take the suggestion as a child’s imagination, devoid of intelligence and hard evidence.
So everything is not rosy for Khalid in Selangor and as normal, PKR Anwar Ibrahim will just sideline the issue and speak of other issues to deviate the bigger problem.

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