Friday, August 31, 2012


The verbal spat between DAP and PAS over Hudud laws is just a drama to drum up their existence the changing political landscape in the country given the changing minds of voters, particularly the new young voters termed as Generation Y.
Undeniably, BN’s economic transformation programmes have yield certain level of success and the opposition parties are feeling the ‘pinch’ with their influence and ‘charms’ fading fast.
Their ‘attractions’ are fast becoming antics for the voters and the BN’s success since Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak took over the country’s leadership have got them reeling and searching for more new attractions to stop the young voters from running to Najib, vis-à-vis BN.
While PKR, the only party in the opposition that is multi-racial, slogging hard to make amends and repair the heavy damages it is facing in Selangor, DAP and PAS – the first Chinese-based and second is Malay-Islamic based – have to stir up things to make their existence known.
The two parties need to project their cause to remind voters they are still on course with their respective objective although both parties ‘sleeping together on the same pillow.’
Right now their supporters are suspicious of each other – fear their party leaders would derail their objectives in the excitement to rush to Putrajaya – to lead the new government.
Because going by the ‘love-hate relationship’ between leaders of the two parties whose ideologies are miles apart, trouble would be inevitable as each of them try to dominate one another.
DAP would surely want PAS to be sidelined so that the Islamic laws and Hudud would not take root in the new administration and PAS, like the leaders have mentioned openly that they would implement Islamic administration…vis-à-vis Islamic laws and Hudud.
So right now, members and supporters of both parties are looking at each other with suspicious eyes and minds while the leaders of both parties try hard ‘playing dramas’ so that their supporters would not run away, thus slipping away their chance of sitting at Putrajaya.
Young voters or generation Y understand the game as they are no longer naïve about politics as they know which party is genuine and which is not.
So far, they know Najib is genuine and working hard for their future, like a father charting the future of his children.
Najib not only does that, he is also known and acknowledge as well as recognized for being caring to the less fortunate like Felda settlers and those below average income group.
With such feelings and perception among the young voters, the Generation Y, opposition parties are very worried as they keep on digging whatever scandal they can find to stop the flow of support to Najib and BN.

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