Monday, July 30, 2012

PKR Is Expected To Lose Current 16 Seats

Internal sources confirmed that PKR is somehow in panic to face the coming 13th General Election.
As for now, PKR has 31 seats and targets to add nine more seats through the coming GE, making it 40. However, the analysis which was presented during the election meeting forces PKR to accept the reality which they might lose 16 from their current 31 sears, and that they could only win two new seats which all comes to a total of 17 seats only.
Their current seats that are expected to go to BN include Gombak, Indera Mahkota, Ketereh, PJS, Bagan Serai, Wangsa Maju, Ampang, Nibong Tebal, Selayang, Kelana Jaya, Merbok, Lembah Pantai, Telok Kemang, Kuala Langat, Sg. Siput and Hulu Selangor.
New seats which they might be able to get would be Bukit Katil and Pandan.
Actually, PKR's insecurities in facing GE can be justified. This is based on research ran by a few including Council of Professors, local universities and Merdeka Centre which showed that popularity for the opposition is actually falling.
Even all research showed that Chinese votes for BN which back then were critical, is now getting really positive. Merdeka Center, for example, found that the Chinese feel happy when the Prime Minister acknowledges certificate for TAR college and abolished the Sedition Act.
With that, PKR could only target 70% maximum Chinese votes for the coming GE even though they were very proud going around telling that they are gaining more than 90% worth of Chinese votes.
PKR also realized that Malays are voting back to BN.
That is why, few of the strategies measured to face the coming GE is so that the Leader would make a huge statement to defend Malays including championing few controversies which involves the fate of Malays.
But, PKR once again would be making a U-Turn by acknowledging the fight for Malays. Previously, PKR, as well as PAS, mocked and insult anything that has to do with fighting for Malay. Who could forget how they quoted a few of their leaders who were 'embarrased to be a Malay'. Even Anwar himself insulted the Ketuanan Melayu concept by saying that race do not bring any significance if we want to live in harmony and unity.
When the fact is, Chinese and Indians were given the chance to defend their race, culture and language to state their existence in this country.
We are certain that Malays would never really forget what PKR said and how PKR treated them.
That is why PKR wants to be serious in 'defending Malays', making it as a bullet to attack BN during the election.
However, we believe that PRK do realize their mistake in handling this 'Malay issue'. That is why they do not put Malays as the number one factor in their Target Voters. Overall, PKR's Election Meeting only putt three groups as their target voters:
1. working class - those who vote according to issues and at the age between 26 - 45.
2. Youth - those who vote according to sentiments. Age between 22 - 25.
3. Indian voters - the group which is keen to change vote in mass numbers.
In a way, it seems clear that PKR is still looking for their strength to face the coming GE.
The problem which is faced by PKR is just as same as their allies in Pakatan Rakyat where they are in a pact but they have to accept the fact that they do not operate as one.
With that, they do not just have to compete with BN, they would also have to prove their strength amongst themselves to ensure that their leaders would be 'respected' if PR wins the coming GE.
Things get even sadder for PKR when a few sides of their leaders are competing against one another. The existence of a few 'camps' and cold treatment between PKR leaders in a way contributed towards rakyat's doubt on their chances of actually winning the GE.

tunku : for me , dap will win the most seats in pakatan. pas and pkr would remain dap's puppets.

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