Monday, May 5, 2014

The Tale of USIF, Human Rights and Western Ideologies.

It is quite common to see the oppositions in Asian countries to fight for something that is totally against the cultural reality of their country. Even in our country, the calls for absolute freedom are cried by mostly the oppositions. This mindless attempt to enforce western ideologies and values upon a country like ours of which is against our culture and beliefs is just another form of colonization that some of us failed to realise. These so called activists refuse to acknowledge the presence of opinion other than theirs. Thus, the confrontation of these reformists as they would like to be called and the people is inevitable.

Backed by the political power of western countries, these activists create social movements in order to promote western ideologies and ways of thinking. When faced with retaliation by those who represent the real thoughts of the people, they will easily claim that those who oppose them are racist, extremist and are afraid of change. The modus operandi of these western backed movements can be seen in many incidents.

In an article posted in Lim Kit Siang’s blog, the DAP leader were concerned with the reports made by USIF (United State Commission on International Religious Freedom). Saying that he was concerned that Malaysia was inducted into the USIF watch list, the article then rants on and on about how the government failed to tackled the Kalimah Allah issue, Shia’, Al-Arqam and other issues regarding the freedom of religion in Malaysia.

Lim Kit Siang and the writers in his blog should’ve known better than to have the Americans dictates what is good or bad for our country. Malaysia as a sovereign country has been dealing with racial issues for 57 years, and obviously the government have been doing a very good job. The last racial riots that we have seen was 45 years ago and Mr Lim Kit Siang played a very important role in it. We know that he tries very hard denying this, but the facts are still clear.

Now let us turn to USIFR, the international body which Lim Kit Siang’s looked upon highly. The USIFR was created in 1998 under the USA law “International Religious Freedom Act”.  Why on earth that we would be “scared” by the laws of other countries. Are we an annex of the United States of America? Since when did we have to answer to the Americans? We should not be afraid of the Americans, they can put us in whatever list that they want, but we Malaysians have the power to decide our fate and the fate of our country.

Let’s compare the effectiveness of the Malaysian method of governing racial and religious issues against the Americans. In the last 45 years, Malaysia only has one account of racial riots, while America has more than 20 mass violent riots during that time. During the time that the American still practices segregation and discrimination against the African Americans, Hispanics and other ethnics, Malaysia or Malaya was already ready to accept everyone without prejudice. We accepted the idea of a multicultural Malaysia long before the blacks were permitted to sit at the front seat of the public bus. Do we still think that we need the Americans to tell us what to do?

The USA should learn from Malaysia on how to govern a multi-ethnic/religion country. It shouldn’t be the other way around. Maybe, only then they can reduce their crime rate, avoid deadly riots and finally become a country that is respected (not feared) by the world. We as a Malaysian, regardless of our political beliefs, should safeguard our sovereignty and have faith in our government. It is not wrong to criticize the government, but what Lim Kit Siang and his writers wrote in his blog is close to treason. Lim Kit Siang should be thankful that he is indeed lives as a citizen of Malaysia. If this were to happen in the USA, he would have spent the remaining days of his life in Guantanamo Bay, next to a bunch of jihadist while being tortured by sadistic American soldiers.

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Anonymous said...

Population Malaysia about 30 million. Population USA about 300 million. 10 x?

2. You miss the Kg Medan incident. But we're still slightly better after multiplying 10 x.

3. So when Malaysia going to get rid of the Ku Klux Klan gangs and religious bigots?