Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Singaporean guy lodged police report on a spicy food.

A Singaporean man who was so upset after eating a plate of Nasi Goreng Kampung has lodged a police report over how it was apparently too spicy.

Lau Thiam Huat, 61, ordered the plate of fried rice and a glass of warm water at a restaurant along Jalan Bukit Timbalan here for dinner at around 9pm on April 30.

I guess this guy is so frustrated with his life until can make a police report on a spicy food. So be prepared when we go to Singapore don't except to find spicy food.....bring your own chili.


Anonymous said...

Cook & bring along your own meal lor.....Why order nasi goreng kampung if u don't like spicy food?

Anonymous said...

Nasi goreng kampung is supposed to be hot & spicy!

He should order nasi goreng hailam singapore mari....