Saturday, May 4, 2013

Link Between DAP and Altantuya’s Murder

The murder case of Altantuya has ended, along with Scorpene issue which reveals SUARAM’s lies, an NGO led by Pakatan Rakyat. Even though some still question who gave the orders to kill, following the evidence, witnesses and the law, the case has ended.
From there, the opposition decided to claim that the mastermind was the government, on the motive of a scandal turning to be a ‘threat’. Where the opposition came to this conclusion remain unknown, because there was no witnesses nor evidence which can link this murder to the government.
Answer is, such conclusion was ‘developed’ from the lie started by Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK). He however made a u-turn and confirmed that he fabricated the story as he was ordered to do so.
Despite of RPK’s statement, PR kept on rambling about this issue. The stories include:
1. Chegubard stated that Datin Seri Rosmah murdered Altantuya herself, shooting and blowing her up. Fact is, Datin Seri Rosmah was attending a breaking fast program with orphans and pictures and news about it was recorded by the media.
2. Dato’ Seri Najib has ties with Altantuya and the picture of the two in an event was released. Fact, Dato’ Seri Najib took an Islamic oath for three times, saying that he does not know Altantuya and that the picture was revealed to have been edited, and that it can be detected easily.
3. SUARAM stated that Altantuya was an ‘interpreter’ during the transaction of Scorpene’s purchase. Fact is, the whole process was done in English, and that no interpreters were needed.
4. SUARAM released the names of those who ‘will’ be given subpoenas by French court. However, French court revealed that SUARAM’s complaint was rejected since the beginning because it was baseless, and that there was no case at all.
5. PR claimed that pictures of Altantuya in France was taken during the duration of Scorpene business deal. French police however, confirmed that there was no records of Altantuya entering France during the whole period.
So, it is clear that all those allegations and attempts to link the Prime Minister and his wife or the government in Altantuya’s murder are just lies.
However, sadly, Altantuya’s death is real.
Looking at the list of lies spread by the opposition on this case, it is clear that the motive on Altantuya’s murder is to tarnish the image of both government and the Prime Minister!
Who would have such motive? Obviously the opposition. Who in opposition would commit such thing? That is the question which needed detailed investigation.
There is no doubt that Anwar Ibrahim is the ‘greatest politician alive’. However, we also do not doubt that DAP is the most cunning among all three component parties in Pakatan Rakyat.
DAP and Anwar/PKR often compete against one another to use each other. The difference between DAP and PKR is that PKR fights to secure Anwar as Prime Minister while DAP fights to secure Lim Dynasty as well as raising support from all Chinese in Malaysia.
PKR operates by raising sympathy and ironfist while DAP operates through ironfist and gangsters.
DAP’s ‘gangsterism’ can even be seen through the cyber world. Just look at how its Red Bean Army insults and threat anyone who support the government and goes against them. We are still yet to consider clear threats as exposed by DAP’s former member, Shen Yee Aun that most victims became too scared to lodge any report.
Our doubt on DAP increases as signs on Altantuya murder case were seen in Kuching a few days prior to election. The signboard clearly showed DAP’s logo. The one which has been fighting for this case is PKR, not DAP.
Thus, perhaps DAP was the one directly involved but the party left the matter to PKR to handle so that they could escape if the lie is revealed? Obviously the signboard was brought down by Kuching City Council, but PR twist around this issue by saying that it was brought down because the government is afraid.
Fact is, the government do not have to be scared, in fact, the government was just following the law, which does not allow any illegal signboards to be set by roadsides. Actually, some sides in PR itself are scared if PR fail to win the coming GE, and if Altantuya’s case resurfaces.
That is why, PR need to win this GE so that they can continue to cover the real story behind their lies. That is why they are willing to cause riot and destroy the country if they fail to win.
For that, rakyat are urged to be careful and do not easily be fooled to join street demonstrations. Your votes should remain a secret, do vote wisely.

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