Saturday, May 4, 2013


The opposition pact is getting more pressure as it is not getting near its target with polling just a day away.
The pact is losing in most states and most seats despite the psy-war its cyber troopers and media playing up news that the pact is getting nearer to Putrajaya.
Desperate and in panic, leaders of the opposition resort to racialism and wild allegations and the latest bringing Altantuya’s father to beg for votes from Malaysians.
Why must Altantuya’s father suddenly appear and purportedly seek for justice when the court had already close the case?
This is none other than Anwar Ibrahim’s trick to lure unsuspecting voters or to gain sympathy as his position and that of his partner – PAS and DAP – are in trouble.
The pact’s position is in bad shape. Only a few of the seats where the leaders stand seem safe but are still 50-50 on observers’ binoculars.
But as usual, their media and portals and blogs are highlighting them in such a manner that they have already won and they hope with such psychological news, the people will then vote for the parties in the pact in other areas making it like tsunami.
They are good in psychological warfare but they are detached from the real situation on the ground.
The people have actually made up their minds and whatever last minute issues raised are no longer effective and cannot change the minds that are already set.
Voters are watching the political violence and gangsterism trends taking root in the otherwise clean and peaceful general elections the past years.
People read and watch the warnings given out by Anwar’s controlled NGOs of protest and rallies if the pact loses.
People who are voters are wary of the oppositions’ subtle ways of high-handed and dictatorial ways the pact leaders use in their respective parties.
People are aware and tired of the clash between leaders of the pact on their individual party’s principles and philosophies.
All these are in the open and people are watching and thinking and despite the oppositions’ media and blogs and portals potraying the smiling faces and warm handshakes, people can read their minds.
People who are voters see how Anwar go on the campaign trail flying in helicopter but at the same time begging for donations to fill up his war chest.
All these are in the open and people know and the people are smart.
Come Sunday, people know which party to vote for a peaceful, united and prosperous Malaysia.

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