Saturday, May 4, 2013

Nurul Izzah Sabotages Azmin Ali’s Machinery

All all political parties race towards election, Nurul Izzah races towards saving herself from being kicked by Azmin Ali. According to source, last night, Nurul Izzah sent at least 20 people to ‘campaign’ and tell people to not vote for Azmin at DUN Bukit Antarabangsa. Her order somewhat sounded as such, let Azmin win at Gombak Parliament, but never let him win DUN.
It is known that Nurul Izzah hates Azmin and his family for breaking the heart of her mother and that she can no longer hide it. Even her own mother, Wan Azizah cannot even see Azmin as she is saddened over the fact that Anwar loves the man more than her, his own wife. Previously, Anwar earlier  announced that Wan Azizah will not be contesting. And later, Nurul Azizah denied the claim.
Wan Azizah went ‘missing’ for quite a while after that, which led to people questioning over where is the President even when campaign has began, proves that Anwar really favor Azmin over Azizah.
Thus, as the good daughter, Nurul Izzah planned to bring down her father’s ‘lover’. She could not bear seeing Azmin turning to a Chief Minister and later ‘kill’ all the people inside her mother’s camp. Nurul Izzah needs to block Azmin’s progress which seem to have gotten quite far thanks to the help of Anwar.
Back in 2008 GE, Azmin managed to win Gombak Parliamentary seat, defeating BN candidate, Said Anuar Said Ahmad. He raised 40,334 votes with 6,697 majority votes. Meanwhile, for DUN Bukit Antarabangsa seat, Azmin received 11,731 votes, defeating BN candidate, Haslina Mohd Zerain with 1,381 majority votes.
This time around, Azmin will be facing BN candidate, Mohamad Nadzim Bin Ibrahim, a lawyer and a company’s Secretary. And it seems like before Azmin goes against Mohamad Nadzim, he has to go through Nurul Izzah first.
We are certain, if Anwar is aware of this, more headache would come, thinking of the things his daughter is doing.
Not just that she faces the risk of losing her own seat, and instead of doing something about it, now she is planning to risk other seat as well. However, we understand that Anwar cannot be mad over it because he was the one who shaped these two people.
Both the personalities have become greedy only because they were following the footsteps of their role model.
Greed has led Nurul Izzah to act recklessly. She previously tried to urge the government to expose this country’s defence system to the world. She did not even think before she say anything, she even mentioned the term freedom of religion include Muslims have the rights to convert to other religion. Her statements then hit her back, as well as the party.
Nurul Izzah also reflected her foolishness as she tried to respond and attack the government in Lahad Datu issue. From her speech, we find that Nurul Izzah do not know anything about the history of our defence force or even their tasks. Turns out, Nurul Izzah thought that the task of Special Force is to look out for missing people?!
During this while campaign period, Nurul Izzah committed even more foolishness as she questioned the issue of indelible ink, the issue which her party has been fighting all these while. She took the effort of recording the video of a person washing off the indelible ink which in the end, the person revealed that Nurul Izzah set the whole thing up. We understand how PKR supporters believe simply everything, but don’t Nurul Izzah ever feel ashamed of such stupid tactics?
We did explain that indelible ink is only used by third world countries and Malaysia do not have to implement such thing because we are better than that. However, PR was willing to organize demonstrations, gambling with the lives of their supporters, all for the sake of indelible ink. So, to please Nurul Izzah and Ambiga, EC agreed to use the system, supported by the current system.
However, now Nurul Izzah and Ambiga wishes to go against indelible ink. Why would they still go against the demand which they already got?
Before she opposes at more things, perhaps Nurul Izzah needs to see her opponent. She now faces Datuk Raja Nong Chik, a leader who is very close to rakyat. In 2008, Izzah passes through Shahrizat with 2,895 votes from 56,650 voters. This time, the number of voters in Lembah Pantai is 72,533, which some of them, claimed by Nurul Izzah as ghost voters. However, Izzah do not have to replay this issue after those ghost voters came up and told her that they are human, not ghosts.
Perhaps Nurul Izzah realizes that she will not be able to win the battle against Raja Nong Chik, that is why she points her arrow towards Azmin Ali, just for the sake of fighting.
Whatever it is, we pray that voters from both Lembah Pantai and Bukit Antarabangsa would make their right decision.

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