Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hadi: PAS will continue to champion hudud

KEPALA BATAS: PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang has reiterated the party's stand in continuing to champion hudud laws in the country.
He said there was anxiety over hudud because there had been no initiative to explain the law fully to non-Muslims.
He said while PAS would not force Islam on anyone, the party would also not make hudud laws compulsory on non-Muslims.
Hadi was speaking at the party's 60th anniversary celebrations here on Saturday.
The statement comes days after Pakatan Rakyat leaders failed to reach a consensus on hudud.

tunku : again pas is playing with the hudud issue. first we talk about hadi, when he became the MB for terengganu, he said terengganu will not implement hudud as hudud is just 0.00001% of Islam. now he's trying to fool the people again. i wonder how after the pakatan meeting few days ago where the joint statement was pakatan will not implement hudud and now pas is talking about it again. that shows how united they are in pakatan.either dap or pas is talking crap here.

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Jabalnur said...

Mula Hudud..... Kemudian Kebajikan...... Hudud...... Kebajikan..... Hudud...... Kebajikan,Hudud.... Kebajikan...Hudud.. FLIP FLOP?