Friday, May 6, 2011

Pakatan fighting for shadow cabinet in Sarawak.

PR Shadow Cabinet Imbalance, Baru Bian

by baru bian
KUCHING – There has been much ado in the media about the formation of the Shadow Cabinet which was announced by my friend, YB Wong Ho Leng on the 1.5.2011. At the outset let me say that this idea of forming a Shadow Cabinet had been supported by PKR from the beginning. This is because it would lead to a more open and responsible Government as both parties on the political divide would be encouraged to discharge their respective duties as the Peoples’ Representatives with a sense of purpose, commitment and pride. True democracy will flourish to a new political height in Sarawak and Malaysia in general.
As to the recent announcement of the proposed line-up of the Shadow Cabinet, I wish to put the record straight and reiterate our position that no “proper discussion and prior consultation” had been done between the PR before the announcement on the 1.5.11. The first time I saw the line-up was at about 1.20 pm, 10 minutes before the 1.30 pm scheduled press conference which was sent to me by Encik Vernon Kedit via my blackberry.
If I may humbly state that from our perspective, the current proposed line-up does not reflect the proportional representation of the Muslim and non-Muslim Bumiputera majority in Sarawak vis-à-vis the portfolios proposed by DAP. As such, it would be expedient to redress this imbalance and to review the matter at the next Pakatan Rakyat State Council meeting.
Nevertheless, we do not want to dwell on the past but it is imperative that we move forward. The bigger picture is that we must keep the spirit of equal partnership and consensus within a coalition as our guiding principle both at the State and National level. The public would expect nothing less from us.

tunku : just imagine if they won, havoc in sarawak administration. this is just shadow cabinet and they are fighting about it,what if real cabinet.never trust pakatan cooperation. they don't have same vision and to cooperate? dap had shown their thru colour.pas and pkr is still colour blind.

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