Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dap greed of power

Sarawak Chief Minister’s post colour blind — DAP

KUCHING: It is possible for Sarawak to be ruled by a non-Bumiputera Chief Minister, said DAP Sarawak chairman Wong Ho Leng.
The state opposition leader said this was possible because the State Constitution is silent on the race of the state’s chief executive.
“To date, no constitution rules that only the Malays can be the Chief Minister of Sarawak. In Sarawak, the Iban, Melanau, Chinese and Malay can be the Chief Minister,” he told the press after announcing Pakatan Rakyat (PR)’s shadow Cabinet on Labour Day.
The first Chief Minister of Sarawak was Datuk Stephen Kalong Ningkan (1963-1966) followed by Datuk Tawi Sli (1966-1970), Tun Datuk Patinggi Abdul Rahman Ya’kub (1970-1981) and Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud (1981 – present).
Wong, who is also Sibu member of parliament and Bukit Assek assemblyman, said of course the Federal and State Constitution could be amended.
He conceded that PR Sarawak did arrive at a consensus that if they managed to form the state government then PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian would be the Chief Minister, even if DAP won more seats than PKR.
However, this agreement became invalid after the 10th state election concluded, he said.
Wong was, however, quick to add that the PR coalition parties, namely DAP, PKR and PAS, would come up with a fresh proposal before the next state election.
“That (Baru be the Chief Minister) has lapsed and who will be the next potential Chief Minister… we will come to that later,” he said.
PKR won only three of the 49 seats it contested in the election last month. Baru won in Ba Kelalan.

tunku : so what if pakatan lost in sarawak.they should still fulfill their promises to make baru bian their leader.if dap is really sincere they should make baru bian as the opposition leader now not wong ho leng.this show clearly how dap can twist their tongue. i am sure dap will make their party leader as sarawak cm if they had won the sarawak election recently giving the same excuses that they won more seats than pkr.

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Anonymous said...

The DAP will always be a minority Party. On their own they will never be able to gain power. They must align with main stream political parties to do so.If and when they have the right controlling seats in a State Legislative Assembly or Parliament they may be some time in the future be invited to join Government. BN politicians are too shrewd to burn all their bridges.