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Recently the World Economic Forum has reported that many Malaysian who are skilful workers chose to migrate to Singapore

Recently the World Economic Forum has reported that many Malaysian who are skilful workers chose to migrate to Singapore. They say among the reasons for this particular scenario is 1. Singapore companies pay more than Malaysian companies. 2. Bumi’s Rights that do not allow them to be successful in this country.

            Basically, bigger pay checks is not a strong reason for Malaysian skilful workers to run away to Singapore. This is because the cost of living there is much higher then we have to face in this country. We do not need another expert to tell us this particular fact as we all know that everything in Singapore is much expensive than what we have here.

However, the second point is very interesting as it states that the special rights of the Bumi’s are holding the skilful workers (particularly the Chinese) to succeed in this country. Is it true that they ran away because of this factor?

            Sadly, the WEF report did not explain or show any proof or theory on how the special rights of the Bumi’s restrict the Chinese in Malaysia to get a much more lucrative income.

            According to the Singapore Immigrant Information Source 2011, that was taken from the Statistic Department of Singapore, the numbers of immigrant in Singapore rose from 18.1% in 2000 to 22.8% in 2010. 386,000 are from Malaysia, 175,200 from China, Hong Kong and Macau, 123,400 from South Asia, 54,400 from Indonesia and 90,100 from other Asian countries.

            The report also states that the increase of the immigrant is because of the country’s policy that was developed to attract more foreign talent to Singapore.

            In 2010, there are 1,088,600 immigrant worker, simply saying that 34.7% from Singapore workforce are immigrants in various sectors. From that particular number, it is estimated that 240,000 are skilful worker who are from Malaysia and China while others are from India and many other developed countries.
Thus, the report made by WEF saying that many skilful workers (Malaysian Chinese) ran away to Singapore was true.

However, we are doubtful that all of this has anything to do with the special rights of the Bumi’s. This is because the record shows that the one who are conquering the economy is the Chinese and not the Bumi’s.

            This fact alone denied any allegation by the Chinese that they were hold down by any racial economic policy. They have already gain controlled of the Malaysian economy. What more do they want from the Bumi’s?

            The fact of the matter is, “the special rights of the Bumiputera” only works as a defence mechanism to protect whatever left of the Bumi’s and not to take the rights of others.

            What happening is that the Singaporean government policies are giving much more “interesting” benefits that is too difficult for the Malaysian Chinese to resist. And with the logistic factors and social structure of Singapore that is close to them, it is not shocking to see Singapore becomes the destination for skilful and young workers to find a better job, experience and salary.

It is interesting to see that the Singaporean government is focusing on foreign talents to fill up position left by their own people who migrated to another country to work?

            The statistic report of Singapore shows, more and more Singaporean migrate to another country each year. The same reasons applies to them, to find experience and getting a bigger pay check.

            In June 2011, it was estimated that 193,300 Singaporean migrated and among their favourite destination are Australia (50,000), Britain (40,000), America (20,000) and China (20,000). Many of them are skilful workers in banking, information technology, medicine, engineering and science.

            On an average, 1,200 Singaporean graduates applied to become the citizen of another country each year. In 2010, at least 1,000 Singaporean, applied an “innocent from any crimes” certificate as it is one of the terms they have to comply if they want to migrate to another country. Research shows that more than half of these Singaporean youngsters will leave the country if they got the chance.
It is also reported that, this migration trend is worrying the Singaporean government.

This is where the main point of discussion lies. Singapore did not give any special rights to anyone, but the Chinese of Singapore are still adamant to leave their country, similar to what Malaysia is facing now.

            Similar to Malaysia, in Singapore the Chinese is in control of the economy. They are famous for their discrimination against other races and using sneaky tactics to ensure that only their race will hold high position and salary in any given field. Sadly, the Chinese is also the one who are holding other races from being a skilful worker with a good salary. Because of that, the statement saying that the Special Rights of the Bumi’s are holding the Chinese back is preposterous.

            The proof of discrimination of the Chinese to other races can be seen in many websites. You can just search for “Malay discrimination in Singapore” you will find a lot of testimony and thesis from various parties, including confession by Singaporean Chinese.

It is clear that the rights of the Bumis’s do not hold any workers from any race to be successful in this country. The main reason why Malaysian choose to work in Singapore is because the factor of bigger salaries and logistically practical where that can get a lot of money there but in the same time they are avoiding the cost of living by shopping here in Malaysia.

            More than that, it is also because the natural instinct of the Chinese who do not have the sense of patriotism for their country. It seems like the Chinese in Malaysia or Singapore always dream of migrating to “gwiloh” or white man’s country.

In conclusion the WEF is publishing the Malaysian skilful workers problem from the narrow opinion of the Chinese.

The WEF should have done a thorough report before making any conclusion. The report also should take into consideration the background of the issues and day to day scenario. The report was incomplete and the result was totally wrong. Nothing can come out of it that will solve any problems for the people of Malaysia.

Moreover, it will cause another problem, as an open discrimination of the majority on economy will surface. Thus it will break the social harmony and unity in Malaysia.

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