Wednesday, October 2, 2013

CEC DAP : Where is the other 845 DAP delegates

The DAP party is being watched with prejudice by all Malaysian as the new CEC election comes to an end. Before this, the DAP decision to abide by the rules that has been said by the ROS and to hold another re-election has been received badly by their members and also political spectators from outside the party.

Frankly speaking, no one will trust DAP is able to organize a fair and just election for all. All those who are waiting and guessing on how a DAP leader will manipulate the votes this time in ensuring they will gain the upper hand again.
            Finally, we will know their strategy as it is the same as before. They will ensure that not many will attend the meetings.  

            If the meeting before this saw 753 delegates did not attend because they did not receive the notice of meeting, now we are looking at a higher number of absentees in the amount of 845 delegates. This cannot be ensure that 753 delegates that has been left out before this did not attend the meeting at all. If that is so, then it is a very peculiar site for the ever racist DAP party.

For what the 753 delegates made a report to the ROS because they did not receive the notice in the last election, refuse to come to the re-election?

A lot of question and theory has been made by everyone because of these abnormalities. Some are accusing the DAP for tactics and some are accusing them for playing money politics with the delegates. As we all know, DAP is famous for their gang like attitude and practising corruption in their party.
Not only 845 from the 2576 delegates that are lost, but 17 out of 63 candidates withdraw at the last moment. Both of this amount each representing almost 1/3 from the total members who are eligible to vote and becomes a member.

1/3 is not a small amount. For a small party if compared to UMNO, it is actually a significant number. With only 2000 delegates, DAP must seek the attendance for at least 90% of its delegates. Much more with the fact that DAP is holding this election in the shadow of the last controversial party election.

            Moreover with a lot of money they held the meeting in a five star hotel, isn’t it better for them to sponsor their own delegates to attend the election?

Whatever is the reason DAP seems to have lost its credibility. DAP leaders have no value anymore. They are not eligible to say anything about morality or integrity.

The only way for the DAP to replenished their reputation is to revamp their system and oust their main leader who became the playmaker to manipulate votes and implement dirty strategy to win any election must be kicked out.
However, we still have doubt against the DAP even though they say that they are particular about Clean election The Chinese do not care of the dirty things, this includes in politics, business, their house or even food.

If this is untrue, why Janice Lee who was furiously attacking the DAP before this and were sacked. Suddenly why is she smiling while casting their votes in the CEC? Even though she know that the DAP is dirty she still joins in with them . 

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