Thursday, May 9, 2013

Unfair GE13: PR Need To Dissolve Kelantan, Penang And Selangor

Just like how it was planned many months ago, the gathering to reject GE13 result was held yesterday at Kelana Jaya Stadium. The stadium with capacity of 25,000 seats could cater to 40,000 people, and another 15,000 on the pitch.
There were a few areas at the back, but the space was blocked with flags so that the stadium would look filled. As usual, pro-opposition media begin reporting up to 200,000 attendance without even considering the logic of numbers compared to the capacity of the stadium.
Reports also show that 80% of those who attended the gathering are Chinese, and only 20%  of it are from other races including Malays. We are convinced that not everyone who attended are those who believe that GE13 was rigged. We believe that most of them, are aware that there was no cheating and the gathering was held just to challenge the government as well as to show how the Chinese really support Anwar, as its cover. Perhaps seeing that the government often gave them the 'win' whenever they apply pressure, the Chinese took this advantage to apply an even bigger pressure.
In Anwar's speech at the gathering, he stated that the same type of gathering will be held in Ipoh and Penang.
Weird thing is, Lim Guan Eng and Datuk Ahmad Yakob both accepted GE13 result as they took the oath as Kelantan and Penang Chief Ministers on May 7. Meanwhile, Selangor also do not reject election result which gave them the win, and that they are now fighting one another for the Chief Minister post.
Thus, if the objective of the gathering follows as it was earlier planned, Guan Eng and Ahmad Yakob have to first dissolve their appointment in Penang and Kelantan, while PR has to reject the result in Selangor. The protest cannot target BN-led states alone, right?
The excuse used by Anwar claiming that cheating occurred during polling period was clearly weak. For example, the story where there were 45,000 Bangladesh phantom voters, Anwar previously said that those phantom voters came from Sabah and Sarawak.
He also claimed that some sort of 'magic' happened where a few polling stations somehow went to a blackout and extra ballot boxes 'magically' appear when the lights came back up. Besides that, a few pictures were distributed to 'prove' that there were attempts to get rid of ballot boxes by EC officers by using cars as well as helicopter.
However, when we asked PR to list out areas which those blackouts occurred, they could not state any of them clearly. The same thing goes to Bangladesh issue, they do not know which constituency, how many and how it happened without any rejection even from their own party.
They could could not even explain which ballot boxes were taken nor can they explain which EC officer did it, or even give the registration number for the car. And astonishingly, the ballot box which they claimed have 'fallen' from a helicopter was in a perfect condition, despite of falling from quite an altitude.
Clearly, the rejection they made was unclear and without any evidence. Anwar, as the 'next Prime Minister', should not have made random allegations in public. This is not how civilized people operate, nor leaders. Leaders cannot speak in abstract and subjective, they have to speak their matter clearly, with facts.
Thus, the series of gathering organized by Anwar are baseless, other than being illogical. And if Anwar insist on rejecting the result on the federal level, he needs to first reject results on state level and order all DUN in PR-led states to be dissolved.

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