Thursday, May 9, 2013

Selangor residents want new MB to strive for racial unity, harmony

It's anyone's guess as to who would be appointed as Selangor Mentri Besar and the puzzle will only be resolved a week from now.
For Selangor residents, hopes are high for a leader who can ensure benefits for the people and that Selangor remains as the most developed state in Malaysia.
Businessman Norsarizan Mat Youb, 28, said the most eligible candidate for the position is someone who can preserve racial unity and harmony, especially the rights of all races.
"We want harmony between all races because the people want to live together without doubting each other," he said when interviewed by Bernama on Thursday.
He added that women should also be given the chance to become Selangor Mentri Besar as it was in line with Pakatan's aspirations to put women first. K. Sasirekha, 32, a teacher, said the most important criteria for a Mentri Besar is the capability to champion the welfare of all races in all aspects including social and economic opportunities.
"We want a leader who can make a firm decision and give equal opportunities," she said, adding that the leader chosen should be well versed with Selangor's history and situation.
Retired teacher Fatimah Manap, 69, said the new Mentri Besar needs to frequently go down to the field and approach the people be it in rural or urban areas.
Fatimah, who has been residing in Shah Alam for 26 years, said the leader must also be people friendly and give the best service to the people regardless of race and political background.
"Most importantly, as a Muslim, Islam should be put first. The Selangor Mentri Besar should not only focus on his area but also other areas as he is the leader for the whole of Selangor," she added. A private school teacher from Banting, Mohd Fadzil Ismail, 44, said the chosen candidate needs to reduce politicking and focus on developing the state.
He said the Mentri Besar needs to be a person of integrity and is transparent and neutral in carrying out his responsibility in managing the state.
Leong San San, 35, an advertising executive, said it was vital for the new leader to have strong knowledge in economics to make sure the people's income are well taken care of.
"Don't be too busy with politics. Make sure the people are taken care of and each race is equally provided for," said Leong who has lived in Selangor more more than 30 years.

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