Saturday, May 4, 2013

GE13: Two hundred Taman Nesa DAP members quit party

More than 200 members from the Taman Nesa DAP branch have left the party, alleging they have been sidelined and used by party leaders.
Taman Nesa DAP chairman S.Kogilavani said she could not take it anymore.
She was recently reported to have sustained injuries after trying to stop several men from attacking her husband K.Murugan at a DAP ceramah here on April 2.
"Our branch is one of the most active branches in the state, yet DAP leaders especially state DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hou has always sidelined us," she said.
She added that a total of 194 branch members and about 50 who have yet to submit their applications to the party headquarters have decided to throw in the towel.
"Most of our members are Indians and maybe that is why they ignore or sideline us.
"Whatever the reason is, we just do not believe in DAP anymore," she said, adding that she was also afraid of what would happen if the Opposition took over after May 5.

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