Thursday, May 9, 2013

GE13: DAP condemns social network users for spreading rumours

Ketari DAP assemblyman Lee Chin Chen has condemned those using social networking sites to spread allegations of a blackout during tallying of votes on Sunday.
Lee said those responsible should stop spreading such allegations and advised the public against believing the purported incident.
“None of our aides or myself are involved in sending out any SMSes or uploading the incident of a blackout in the tallying centre.
“This is not the work of the DAP and I urge the police to investigate the matter,” he said.
Lee said that besides him, there were many other officials including police personnel and journalists who could verify the actual situation.
He said that together with several aides, they arrived at the centre at about 9pm and left after 2am on Monday.
“The returning officer announced the winners for the state seats shortly after midnight and at about 1.30am, the result of the parliamentary constituency.
“There was definitely no blackout and I would like to reiterate that neither the party nor I had anything to do with stories of the alleged incident spread by certain quarters,” he said.
However, Lee said the DAP might file a petition against the results for the parliamentary seat due to other irregularities such as phantom voters but not on the incident of a blackout.
Meanwhile, Bentong OCPD Supt Mansor Mohd Nor said he was present during the entire process and there was no blackout.
“We will look into the matter if there is a report lodged against those spreading such allegations in social websites.
“The public should not believe such allegations as it could cause uneasiness and tension among the voters,” he said.

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