Friday, May 10, 2013

Azmin slams Pakatan for “dragging the rakyat into our own failure”

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali yesterday criticised Pakatan Rakyat for getting the rakyat involved in their failure to capture Putrajaya during the recent general election.
Azmin, who was noticibly absent from Pakatan’s rally in Kelana Jaya last night, criticised his coalition for “dragging the rakyat into our own failure”.
“The cry for reform has to start as a whisper within our own hearts. Don’t drag the rakyat into our own failure,” Azmin said yesterday in a tweet.
“The rakyat are tired with politics that are over the top. Accept results. Scrutinise yourself. Admit weaknesses. Move forward. Focus on the rakyat, not yourselves,” he added.
The outspoken politician has since received scores of praise from Twitter users, including Pakatan supporters, one which said: “You are our new hope”.
“Accept the people’s choice. Move forward with policies that put them (the rakyat) first, not bully them using the country’s peace and stability,” said Azmin, a very close confidant of PKR chief Anwar Ibrahim.
He also promised to reveal the causes of Pakatan’s failure in near future.
“The failure to capture Putrajaya. Whose fault is it really? Follow my explanations soon.”
Azmin is also believed to be eyeing the Selangor menteri besar’s post, wanting to replace Khalid Ibrahim who has the support of both PAS and DAP to retain the top post.
The tussle for the MB post between the two is said to have caused a major problem within the party, leaving Anwar ina dilemma on who to back.
Azmin meanwhile is expected to hold a press conference tomorrow.
Following the general election on Sunday that saw ruling Barisan Nasional capture their 13th consecutive victory, Pakatan and their supporters have been claiming the polls were rigged.
Disgruntled supporters had even resorted to signing an online petition seeking intervention from US President Barack Obama, in which the US government responded that they were pleased to be working with Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak after BN returned to power.
State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said the US recognised Malaysia’s election results and called it the “most competitive” in Southeast Asian nation’s history despite opposition claims of irregularities in the vote.
Ventrell called for all parties “to peacefully respect the will of the voters” as it was important to strengthen confidence in the electoral process.

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