Friday, May 10, 2013

Are Kit Siang and Anwar On the Same Page?

Remarks made on Thursday by Lim Kit Siang suggest a potential contrast with the politics of protest now being pursued by Anwar Ibrahim.
At a minimum, Lim Kit Siang is emerging as the more level-headed and gentlemanly veteran politician, with a more magnanimous approach to politics.
Just a day after Anwar put on his best angry face and played the classic firebrand at the Kelana Jaya stadium, Kit Siang struck a more gracious tone as he spoke of the man he had bested as Gelang Patah MP as "a rational, moderate, classic Malay gentleman who had contributed to Johor's development."
This kind of comment is in sharp contrast with Anwar's revolutionary zeal, and angry rhetoric.
But Kit Siang went further as he spoke to reporters about Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman. He suggested that it would be "just and fair" if Ghani were to be "appointed to an important post in the new government."
The DAP man was speaking in a constructive manner while Anwar was still claiming (illogically) that "every Malaysian wants BN to fall" and pledging more protests and more emotion.
Kit Siang also showed his streak of reasonableness as he commented on a proposal from the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (ASLI) that BN should work together with PR. "This is a field day for all sorts of ideas and proposals. We'll wait and see."
DAP was the clear winner inside the Pakatan Rakyat coalition at GE13, and there is now talk on blogs of DAP possibly joining the Cabinet as part of a national reconciliation programme. Whilst this appears unlikely, the DAP is now clearly more influential inside PR than Anwar's PKR.

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Anonymous said...

No kit siang is worried about the backlash to the johor chinese business that Ghani helped to prosper

he is still a racist, never forget