Friday, May 10, 2013


ENOUGH is enough…Malaysians have had it since immediately after 2008 general election…what more is there to bitch about since the 13th general election has just been concluded.
Malaysians have spoken their minds and Barisan National (BN) won, through democratic means and democratic process – the people have spoken.
This man by the name of Anwar Ibrahim is still bitching about irregularities and the same old songs of cheats.
One wonders when he will stop because his opposition pact won three states and BN never even say anything.
Just because he could not get to Putrajaya through the electoral process, the democratic way of toppling BN, he is now rallying people to stage an uprise.
Is it not attempting to stage an uprise when he goes every corner of the country telling people that BN cheated, inciting hatred against the democratically elected government so that they will take to the streets demanding Prime Minister Najib Tun Abdul Razak and the government he leads to step down.
That is his desire and he is doing it right now under the noses of our police force that he deems as unfit and not capable.
He had wanted a fresh election because he did not accept the verdict of the people through the ballot boxes and he wanted a new election – new ballot boxes.
Events leading of the just concluded general election tell lots of tales, lots of conspiracies, the word Anwar loves to use, which he masterminded to sow the seeds of distrust and hatred against BN.
But when election was held with two weeks campaign period and the result was not on Anwar side, he bitched and rally the people saying fraud which he termed as irregularities.
Anwar should grow up and be matured enough to take the verdict of the people, he should not continue with his antics and inciting acts.
He should just work on strategies how to topple the BN in the next general election and allow the duly elected government to carry out its duties.
The country needs to move forward in every aspects as expected by its people and Anwar should not stop the country from developing further.
Its time for him to truly grow up and admit defeat gracefully for now.
Anwar should be matured enough to read the ground and as a politician, his antics and vendetta as it seems now do not reflect his good character – he is now seen as a desperate man and a sore loser.
Those who follow him should by now think rationally whether it is worth the time and commitment as the most important thing now is to start living – overdose of politics will not put food on the table for the family.

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