Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sultan takes PKR and DAP to task

The Sultan of Selangor has blamed the “Kajang Move” as the start of the mentri besar crisis in the state, which resulted in the appointment of a new mentri besar and an exco line-up.

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah directly chided PKR and DAP for the state of affairs in the state, saying the turmoil within Pakatan Rakyat started with the two parties trying to oust former mentri besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim from office following the “Kajang Move”.

“The appointment of the new exco members is due to PKR and DAP having lost their confidence in Khalid, who was appointed mentri besar after the 13th general election.

“Therefore, a new mentri besar and a new exco line-up needed to be appointed to administer the state government,” the Sultan said in his speech at the swearing-in ceremony of the new state exco yesterday.

“With this (Kajang Move) began the slander and instigation to ruin Khalid’s name so that he would be relieved from the mentri besar post. All this backbiting continued into the holy month of Ramadan, the time when Muslims were supposed to do good deeds to purge their sins.

“However, PKR continued with its agenda in the holy month by continuing its insults and abuse until it succeeded in bringing Khalid down as the mentri besar,” he said.

The Ruler also vindicated Khalid as he thanked him for his “outstanding service” during his tenure as mentri besar and noted that the relationship between the palace and the mentri besar’s office was good and smooth.

He also reminded the people of the nature of politics, where politicians come and go but the royal institution remains.

“This mentri besar crisis has opened my eyes and heart as well as my views on the politics in this state. Politicians come and go, they will serve for five years and might be replaced in the next election.

“However, my position here as the ruling Sultan of Selangor will continue until I breathe my last,” he said.

People, he said, were not given the right information on the functions of the Sultan and thought the institution was merely a symbol.

“I find there are also politicians who do not understand the functions of the palace or choose not to understand, convincing me there is an agenda.

“As the Sultan of Selangor, my decisions have always been ruled by the state Constitution,” he said, adding that he had never meddled in the administration of the state.

“I only advise the mentri besar in matters that can cause hardship to the people.”

Sultan Sharafuddin also thanked the mainstream media for cooperating with the palace in disseminating its press statements.

He called for the new state exco members to give their full support to Azmin Ali as the new mentri besar.

“Forget all the past arguments and concentrate your energy, expertise and experience coupled with sincerity in your service to the people of Selangor who have given you the mandate to become their state assemblymen.

“The people of Selangor do not like to see their state in chaos or live in fear,” he added.

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