Sunday, September 28, 2014

Azmin to reveal companies benefitting from Selangor water deal

The newly appointed Selangor Mentri Besar Azmin Ali is expected to reveal the companies benefitting from the water deal approved by his predecessor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who told Azmin to make the exposure, said he has a list of those benefitting millions of ringgit from the deal based on some ‘homework’ he did.

"I'm quite aware not because it was given to me but I did my homework and I realised why people are bent on defending and refusing to listen due to the huge interests and benefits at stake.

"When it comes to the issue of public interest, my concern is that it has direct relationship to the water rates and the people will suffer from it.

"The pious platitude not withstanding, the issue is finally dollars and cents," Anwar told reporters after a ceramah against the Sedition Act 1948 at the Seberang Jaya market here on Saturday.

He added that it was not a question of people amassing wealth but when exorbitant profit or interests arise from the deal, it will hit back at the Selangorians.

"Penang is successful in keeping water rates low because their water authority was corporatised, not privatised.

"When you privatise something and the deals are not transparent, then we have a problem.

"Why are you defending these excesses? Why are you defending these huge contracts that are not transparent and did not go through proper tender exercises?" Anwar questioned.


Ah Long said...

Anwar lu lagi mau cakap pasai trasperant ka. Ayai lu sendiri pun tipu lah. Lu punya bini pun lu mau angkat jadi MB.

Apa lu ingat olang sudah lupa kah lu punya tipu.

Lu cakap itu SPR tipu tapi lu punya PKR undi lagi besat puanya auta.

Lu punya 40000 Mat Bangla mana sudah hilang. Lu punya black out lagi kuat punya bohong.

Aiaya lu punya pasat la ini negala sama ratyat manyak susah.

Anwar lu punya nama sudah bikin satu dunia punya nama selupa sama lu banyak malu loh.

Gua punya kawan sudah daftar nama lain. Sampai itu macam punya hamsap lu bikin sama itu nama.

Anonymous said...

When nuar spoke, has he got the facts right from the agreement or his regular conjecture of others wrong but he is always right, even if evidences showed his sodomy acts and his sex with china doll?