Thursday, March 20, 2014

Zunar: Calling the Government Weak Will Not Help Find the Missing Flight

While the world is praying for MH370, the Washington Post thought that it is funny to publish the work of a Malaysian cartoonist, mocking the Malaysian leadership’s effort in finding the missing flight.   The cartoon was trying to portray the Prime Minister of Malaysia as ‘Too Weak’ as the search for the flight has been dragged for ‘Two Weeks’.

The insensitive, even ignorant piece, was not taken as a surprised to Malaysians since the cartoonist, Zunar, as he is called, is a pro-opposition hard-core.  Zunar’s work is a classic example of the Malaysian Opposition’s mind that will politicize everything and anything, including the lives of others. 

Since the first day the flight went missing, the Oppositions have been trying hard to steal the ‘limelight’ to the extent that their leader, Mr. Anwar Ibrahim had actually made a statement that he would be able to answer the questions by the press better than the Prime Minister.

His words had raised some eyebrows as people started to wonder what is it that he knows that the Prime Minister and the investigators do not know. 

Earlier, Anwar seemed to be taken aback when foreign media exposed the fact that the pilot of the flight is an Anwar’s fanatic.   A deeper look into his background, later found that the pilot is Anwar’s daughter-in-law’s uncle.

As a ‘born-politician’, Anwar is quick in turning the news upside down.  He is now claiming that the government is trying to accuse him of having something to do with the missing flight because of his relationship to the pilot.   Being famous for the nick ‘chameleon’, at other times, Anwar also hinted that the missing flight could be just a diversion from the Kajang by-election and his call for ‘Reformasi 2.0’.

According to Anwar, the government is scared to death of the people’s support for him.

Unfortunately for Anwar, his bragging only raised more question on him and the missing flight. 

If we look closely, nobody is accusing the pilot of having anything to do with anything.   It is Anwar who is telling the world that he is being accused of having something to with the pilot, and then something.

It is Anwar pulling the spotlight onto himself and Zunar is helping him to do just that:   Ridicule the Prime Minister, mock the search and rescue mission and bring the lights back on Anwar. 

Well, the joke is now on Anwar, thanks to Zunar.

In case Zunar didn’t know, the search and rescue mission of flight MH370 is joined by 26 countries.   Malaysia has been, from the beginning, very quick to accept all help offered by all parties.
Malaysia may be leading the mission, but it is only with the advice of the international experts.   All information released to the press, must first be confirmed by the experts.

Therefore, blaming or ridiculing the Prime Minister for a slow progress of the investigation only means blaming and ridiculing the experts, which are the FBI, the navy of Vietnam, China, America and etc.. and also an American Scientist, Colleen Keller who led the search mission of AF447 in 2009.

In view of this, Zunar’s cartoon would make more sense if he had included all these experts and investigators as the subject of his ‘joke’. 

Anyway, let’s just ponder on what did Zunar achieve by the joke?  Nothing.
Did he help find the missing flight?  No.
Does he have any ideas to offer the experts on how to find the missing flight?  Zero.

Now look who’s laughing?  Nobody, because a missing flight with 239 lives in it, is not funny. 

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