Sunday, March 23, 2014


Press Metal Sarawak (PMS) has refuted an allegation by the opposition that its smelting plant in Balingian is polluting the environment.

Its group chief executive officer Datuk Paul PK Koon said yesterday its plant there was using the latest technology and adhered strictly to World Bank standard and Department of Environment (DOE) requirements.

“We have been very committed in following all necessary requirements and approved standard since our establishment in 2009.

“We have records to show our compliances.

“The DOE has very stringent requirements, which we have been able to observe all the time,” he told a press conference at PMS Balingian smelting plant here.

In fact, he said, emissions from the plant were monitored via online connection by DOE.

“We have external auditors coming once every three months to check on our compliances.

Koon said there were many perceptions regarding aluminium smelting industry, but over the last 20 to 30 years the technology used in the industry had evolved a great deal.

“Of course there are some plants still using 20 to 30 years old technologies, but they are in the remote areas in Siberia and China.

“So, maybe this is how this kind of perception came into being. But these old plants are almost gone because today’s environment will not allow old technologies.”

Koon said the aluminium industry was very important to Malaysia, especially to push its industrialisation drive.

“There are now more and more demands for products like billets and ingots from around the world.
 Sarawak is exporting US$1 billion annually. This is a great source of foreign exchange to the country.

“The industry is also about technology transfer. We are slowly getting more Sarawakians to be trained as engineers and workers.

“Out of the 850 workers in our Balingian plant, half are Sarawakians. We intend to increase the numbers soon.”

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