Monday, May 13, 2013

Umno Rallies Around Najib’s Vision of Modernisation And Understands His Call To Reflect on GE13

Two messages came from Umno's 67th anniversary celebration on Saturday: that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's transformation programme and goal of national reconciliation have become the key themes for Umno going forward; and that many in Umno are learning to support Najib's vision, and to engage in some rare introspection.

While there were many approving voices at the celebration Saturday night, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's comments were perhaps the most important. They bear repeating here, and are worth remembering.
Dr M said that Umno had every reason to celebrate the party's victory in GE13 as it had managed to win 88 parliamentary seats, compared to 79 back in 2008.

Dr M also supported Najib's request that Umno members should engage in some reflection and ponder why the party was no longer able to draw on the support of certain parties.
"The leader," said Dr M, referring to Najib, "has said he would contemplate on this. All of us should ask and study why there is disunity among the Malays."

Dr M's words are a sign that the leadership of the party is coalescing around Najib.
Loyalty and support has also been voiced for Najib by Deputy President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. The DPM urged Umno members to remain loyal to and support Najib to enable him to lead the country and the party.

There was sombre reflection amongst the celebrations, as participants mixed joy at Umno's continuing longevity with introspection about the recent election results. It is to Umno's credit that its leaders are not seeking to return to the old days, but rather are embracing Najib and the reforms he began four years ago.
Since becoming Prime Minister and Umno President in 2009, Najib has made reform and transformation in Government, in the economy and in his party his three primary objectives. He has laboured to transform Umno into a more inclusive party, one prepared for the realities of this century and modern politics. In the wake of the elections, he has pushed ahead with his ideals of national unity and modernisation, and has called on his party to follow.

He has been aided by Umno's showing at GE13, where its seat total in the Dewan Rakyat increased by nine and the party recaptured the state of Kedah for Barisan Nasional, and by his own high approval rating, a reflection of the rakyat's majority support for his vision.
Najib is determined to succeed, and it is good to see that his party is increasingly behind him.

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