Tuesday, May 14, 2013

UMNO Post GE13: What's Next?

The election deemed as 'mother of all elections' is now over. All the thing expected such as commotions during polling day did happen. Next, the attempt to cause chaos protesting GE result also has happened, along with oath ceremony as everyone accepted their victory.

That is why, it is not too much for us to say that this is the funniest election scenario in the world.
Just imagine, the ones who protested against democracy claim that they are the real democracy fighters.
The ones who accused EC for not being transparent are the ones in a party which is under investigation for cheating and rigging their party's election.

The ones who questioned about indelible ink are the ones who demanded for the usage of it.
The ones who claimed that EC lied are the ones who won at their constituencies.
The ones who urge rakyat to boycott mainstream media re the ones who call themselves fighters for freedom of speech.

Not just that, they also seek for foreign help, begging that something should be done to deny Barisan Nasional's victory. Claiming that BN is cruel and unjust since it began ruling the country. BN is said to be too powerful that it manages to decide for everything including court decisions as well as election results.
However, BN went through a tough fight where this party is rejected by almost all Chinese and lost three states. And those who urge for foreign help, claiming that they are being oppressed by BN, are not in jail, instead, they are free. So, it is not surprising why no foreign entities offer anything.

If we are to look at this at one angle, the one which lost was just BN, not UMNO. This is because, UMNO seats increased from 79 in 2008, to 88 in this GE. However, does this mean that UMNO could be comfortable with this? Does this mean rakyat have forgive UMNO?

Fact is, Malays who previously represent silent voters, undecided voters and voters who were mad at UMNO have all participated in GE13 and voted for UMNO because they cannot bare letting this country fall to Pakatan Rakyat.

They may have forgiven UMNO, but never forget what made them angry at UMNO.
With that, they voted for UMNO with hope that under its new mandate, UMNO would take better steps towards handling its previous mistakes, even though they are still uncertain over what is it about UMNO that they hate.

Despite of their confidence over leaders' efforts to fix the mistakes, they are still not convinced whether those mistakes can be fixed if no changes are made.
That is why, UMNO should ask, what is it that they want behind the question 'what do the Chinese want?'
Rakyat only want to see 'actions'. Rakyat are tired of seeing how these parasites are free in committing their acts without any actions taken against them. Statements regarding warnings given against them are too many and rakyat are beginning to get sick of it. It is not much for us to say that this is the reason why the Chinese got tired and bored, and they see this as the government's 'weakness'.

Generally, rakyat knew who are all the culprits out there. However, they could not really express those things to the 'upstairs'. Thus, rakyat really hope that leaders could take time to really evaluate their surroundings.
Do remember that rakyat know that UMNO is not perfect, but Malays still chooses UMNO because it is the only party that is still rational as it has strong patriotism and nationalism, as well as having clear mission.
Thus, what leadership need are those who have the values which rakyat want, rational, patriotic, nationalist, smart and charismatic. UMNO need to bring a new image as a professional party but not liberal, mature but not conservative, other than efficient, fast and firm.

If UMNO want to change Malay to be a competitive race, UMNO need to first show the same quality. For that, UMNO need to start by taking 'actions' instead of giving 'warnings'

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