Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mukhriz's goal to turn Kedah into developed state

Newly appointed Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir has asked the people to work together with him to fully tap their and the state's potential to be a developed state.

"I pledge to work hard for Kedahans and Kedah.
"I want all of you to work with me to achieve our common goal of harmony and prosperity," he said to a thunderous applause from some 500 people who gathered at Wisma Jerlun here yesterday.
Mukhriz, who is also the Ayer Hitam assemblyman, said this after he made an unannounced visit to his constituency, one of two state seats under the Jerlun parliamentary constituency.
Yesterday was also his first day as Kedah's 11th menteri besar.
His visit caught many by surprise but despite the short notice, many of his constituents, mostly farmers and fishermen, stopped what they were doing and rushed to the hall to welcome their "wakil rakyat", who is also the first from their constituency to become Kedah's menteri besar.
Mukhriz, accompanied by his wife Datin Norzieta Zakaria and Kota Siputeh assemblyman Datuk Abu Hasan Sarif, said he made it his personal goal to "to transform Kedah into the most developed state in the country".
"I will work very hard on this. We will all work together to achieve at least to be on a par with other states like Selangor, Penang and Johor."
He said with good plans, planning and execution and most of all, support from the people, Kedah could achieve greater heights.
"Nothing is impossible if we share a common goal. Barisan Nasional did the impossible in Kedah.
"We have recaptured the state from the opposition.
"As such, I strongly believe there is nothing that all of us cannot do for our beloved state."
His audience reciprocated his vision for the people and state with another round of rapturous applause.
Mukhriz also said Kedah Barisan Nasional would hold a mass thanksgiving kenduri for the people at Seri Mentaloon in Anak Bukit soon.

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