Thursday, May 9, 2013


Ibrahim Ali is taking leave as Perkasa president for a few months to enable him to reflect on what he had done and what he should do in the future.
He said he was tired and needed some rest given that the Malay NGO he headed had done what it could to help the Malays and the country.
“I feel disappointed and tired because I have given everything I could for the religion. Malays and country.
“I have done more than usual to voice out Malay needs and desires, in some instances against the government but all with good and honest intentions.
“However, I found out at last that all these are not appreciated and I am taking a rest for awhile.
“I will return from my rest in a few months,” he added.
Ibrahim had lost the Pasir Mas parliamentary seat in Kelantan against Nik Abdul Nik Aziz in a straight fight following the last minute withdrawal of BN candidate Che Johan Che Pa.
Ibrahim stood as a BN-friendly candidate but his attempt was said to have angered many of Pasir Mas Umno division members who instead gave their votes to Nik Abduh.
Ibrahim won the seat in 2008 general election on PAS ticket and immediately threw his support to Umno, leaving PAS high and dry and of course angry.
Che Johan who is now under trial by the Umno disciplinary committee for his withdrawal had said that he took the action to allow Ibrahim a better chance of winning as a three-corner fight would result in Nik Abduh an easier victory against him and Ibrahim.
Che Johan is the Pasir Mas Umno deputy division chief.

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