Sunday, May 5, 2013

GE13: My ink sticks, don't know why others don't, says EC chief Abdul Aziz

Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Yusof says he is unsure why the indelible ink can be washed easily off some voters' fingers.
"We have to check the process of applying the ink.
"In my case, I tried to wash with soap but it really stuck on my finger.
"I got my finger inked at 9am and it is still there," he said.
Abdul Aziz was commenting on claims on the social media that the ink, which should last at least four days, could be washed easily.


Anonymous said...

quite easy to do that by using palm oil before vote, it won't detect by naked eye when it dry.

then try to clean.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest the EC make a statement ASAP all posting on web will be noted and we woill be coming around in 2 days to check your fingers.

zakimi said...

Interesting discussion. ..last thursday saya jumpa sahabat saya seorang prof dari Bangladesh uni. Dia tertanya tanya sebuah antara negara yang maju masih guna ink utk election. ...why...if our country less develop its ok...its shows our people thinking????