Sunday, May 5, 2013

GE13: Kelantan leads the way in voter turnout, with more than 62% having cast their ballots so far

Kelantan voters are leading the way in voter turnout, in what the EC expects to be a record-breaking day, says EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof.
Polling day has been largely peaceful and orderly at the halfway point, with no major incidents reported, he added
Abdul Aziz acknowledged that there have been some unofficial accounts of tension among voters standing in long queues, but pointed out that these were only minor issues.
"I have been informed through SMS (short messaging service) of some pushing and a bit of fighting, but they have all been settled. There haven't been any reports of someone suffering a broken neck," he joked at a midday press conference here.
Abdul Aziz noted that the turnout has been very good so far, and they are hopeful of a record turnout when polling closes at 5pm.
"We hope the turnout will be much better than the last General Election, which was at around 75%. If we can get a turnout of 80% or higher, it would be among the highest in the world," he said.
As at 12 noon, the official turnout of ordinary voters stood at 7,600,499 or 58.99% out of a total of 12,885,434 ordinary voters eligible to vote today.
If advance and postal voters are included, the number increases to 7,916,703 or 59.67% of a total of 13,268,002 voters registered on the electoral roll.
Practically all states saw a turnout of over 55%, with the exception of the federal territory of Labuan, which was the only area to see less than half of its total voters cast their ballots at 45.82% out of 24,474 voters as at midday.
Voter Turnout Breakdown by State (as at 12pm)(In descending order):
1/ Kelantan - 62.02%
2/ Kedah - 61.88%
3/ Terengganu - 60.90%
4/ Johor - 60.01%
5/ Perlis - 59.27%
6/ Penang - 59.04%
7/ Pahang - 59.02%
8/ Selangor - 58.90%
 9/ Negri Sembilan - 58.35%
10/ Sarawak - 58.26%
11/ Perak - 58.08%
12/ Sabah - 57.10%
13/ Putrajaya - 55.82%
14/ Malacca - 55.67%
15/ Labuan - 45.82%

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