Sunday, May 5, 2013


BARISAN NASIONAL (BN) is winning and the ground swell shows which the opposition pact cannot deny. The opposition pact is in a disarray and in confusion.
Its cyber troopers continue and intensifying the psychological war that the pact is gaining everywhere that even include Putrajaya parliamentary seat.
It is a pitiful sight and the pact’s leaders are not in ‘one mind’ as they continue contradicting one another to survive –being together will pull their position deeper into the pit.
Desperate and pushed in a corner, each of them plays their own card – DAP with its racial card, PAS with its religious fundamentals and PKR with its make-believe stories of BN scandals and phantom voters and riggings and vote buying.
In fact, the opposition pact no longer stands on a common platform as the leaders see their ratings falling but they do not want to admit because they believe in the stories they themselves created – they are on a winning streak – the make believe stories which they themselves are trapped in.
Everywhere around the country the opposition pact are falling apart and sinking – Gelang Patah parliamentary seat is not Lim Kit Siang’s take as the DAP’s popularity is going down by the day.
Selangor is falling down with BN pounding and onslaught that sees more and more people leaving the opposition by the day.
Kelantan is getting deeper into the pit as ulamaks who at one time believed Nik Aziz Nik Mat are now going out against Nik Aziz’s own deviation from the true Islamic fundamentals.
Kedah is for BN as more and more Kedahans choose to abandon the PAS-led government that sold the state’s assets instead of building wealth for Kedahans to enjoy the benefits.
Everywhere people are abandoning the opposition pact and this makes the leaders in the pact worried and in desperation they move their cyber troopers vigorously to stop the declining influence.
Opposition cyber troopers now play the ‘mind game’, highlighting make-believe stories that the pact is winning and of course, the usual Anwar Ibrahim’s tactics – he and the opposition parties are victimized.
Make-believe stories bombs are planted at its headquarters and so on – the tactics that aim to get sympathy votes, the tactics that voters and sane Malaysian know it is a make-up thing.
Sane and smart voters are now wary and tired of Anwar and the oppositions’ antics – playing the race card, manipulating religious issues and creating make-believe stories.
Opposition pact is panicking, desperate and cornered.
Time has come for voters to take the right track – BN is the answer to the truth and development.
Let the opposition leaders led by power crazy Anwar Ibrahim shout and make claims – after all their promises are always false and meant to be broken – they never fulfill their promises.
They only have dreams and that also different dreams for different parties – not a common dream like the BN.

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