Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chinese Want Political Power, What About PAS?

Malaysian Chinese are obviously the most 'sensitive' race. That is why, when Utusan Malaysia only asks, ‘Apa lagi yang Cina mahu?’ (What else do the Chinese want?), in no time the newspaper is claimed as racist. The same thing goes to anyone who remind them about their origin, the person would definitely be labeled as racist.

It has been a habit to the Chinese in this country to make noise, pressure the government as well as criticizing those who are involved if their 'sensivity' is even touched. For those who have never been to Malaysia, perhaps they would imagine Malays as ‘Aryan Brotherhood’ or the ‘Ku Klux Klan’ in American which holds onto white supremacy as well as their cruelty against blacks, looking at how the Malaysian Chinese portray the Malays.

Fact is, even from history, Malays have never committed any cruelty, other than going amok, an isolated act by an individual. 
Instead, Chinese history is the one filled with violence, from the cruel emperor ruling to heartless communists. This attitude has been brought by the Chinese just about anywhere they go and we can see it today though their gangsterism.

The Chinese in Malaysia seem very sensitive if we are to talk about vernacular schools because they claim that it is their rights, as stated in the constitution. But at the same time, they seem very free in questioning Malay rights, and they even questioned azan as well as jawi writings at signboards, for having Malay-Islamic elements.

Not just that, they even questioned history and want to change so that communists and mastermind of May 13th will be taken as heroes.
In short, they criticized and denied everything which made Malaysia how it is today. Despite that, no one questioned their loyalty to this country even though they do not even love anything about this country.
And today, just for asking 'what else do you want', they have gone berserk, claiming there are elements of unfairness hitting them.

Fact is, the Chinese are well aware that they already have everything in Malaysia which minorities in other countries might not be able to enjoy. The Chinese are missing just one thing, political power. That is why they are giving their votes to DAP, after they managed to raise all the benefit and luxury from policies made by Barisan Nasional, after its ruling all these decades.
In other words, only after they are confident that they no longer need BN, the Chinese went to DAP for absolute power. For that, they are willing to march down to the streets only to destroy everything which has been developed as well as taking the risk of economic breakdown, because they believe that foreign aid will help them accelerate recovery.

The thing which saddens us is that Malays from PAS also support them to bring down the government, even though such action would not benefit them at all. They also labeled Utusan Malaysia as racist only from the question 'what else do the Chinese want?'. These PAS Malays really believe that Chinese only want transparency and good performance from the government.

It is okay for them to believe that. However, our question to them, what do PAS want?
We are puzzled by this, why don't PAS talk about hudud and Islamic state anymore? Don't PAS even want it anymore? Why all of the sudden all of PAS' main issue changed? From 'UMNO rejects Islam' to 'rising price of goods'? Out of nowhere PAS members suddenly feel like they are not getting enough food and they are unable to fill their car with petrol. Islam for PAS has become a second thing, 'misery' is their number one now.

For PAS' attention, the price of goods remain the same, no changes, nothing's changed after election. The same thing goes to DAP's fight to abolish Islam as official religion, usage of Kalimah Allah in Bibles as well as abolishing Malay rights, those never changed.
Thus, perhaps PAS need to take a little time calm down. Ask yourselves, 'what do I want?' or 'what is the problem?' Looking at how PAS keep on shifting their fight from time to time only make things look sad.
Obviously it is tiring to go around twisting this and that up to a point where Nik Aziz could not even stand straight.

However, despite of his sickness, even he is not sure of 'what he wants', constant disunity of ummah. Perhaps this is what all PAS members want?

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