Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chinese deceived by DAP, says Najib

Chinese voters were taken for a ride by the DAP, leading to Barisan Nasional's reduced majority in the recent polls.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today, the DAP deceived the Chinese community by spreading the belief that they could change the government by voting for the opposition.
"But they forgot that the Bumiputeras and the Indian community supported the BN.
"You cannot change the government without the support of the Bumiputeras," he said after meeting with the newly elected BN members of parliament today.
On opposition plans to protest the election results, Najib said the opposition should not be selective in questioning the electoral system.
"The system that led to their loss at the federal level was the same system that elected them to victory in certain states," he said.


Anonymous said...

The Chinese were not deceived by DAP. They are just plain greedy and arrogant.

They thought they would take over the country but they failed. Now they must prepare for the backlash from Barisan.

Serve you right.

The Indians have been deceived and cheated by the Chinese once too many times. They have learnt their lesson and now they shall be rewarded not for only supporting BN buat also for wanting harmony and prosperity.

I do hope Najib will look into the Indians plight. DAP Indians not included.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, after the war, they tried through the CPM.
Fortunately the majority of the population, the Malays in particular did not support them.
The recent waves of Regime Change and the success of Arab Springs, they tried again. This time led by DAP with the support of Malay desperados.