Monday, May 13, 2013

Call To Umno And PAS To Pursue National Reconciliation

Umno and PAS should work towards national reconciliation as a continuous effort to strengthen the position Islam and the Malays, said former PAS deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa.

He said although PAS had initiated the reconciliation effort following the changing political landscape after the 2008 General Election, the endeavour dissipated.

"To me, the PAS and UMNO reconciliation should be a continuous agenda. But I just could not accept when someone says he will spit in the face of those who want to pursue the Umno-Pas reconciliation.

"Which religion teaches this?" he said at a discourse on leadership and the ummah survival organised by the Peninsular Malaysia Malay Students Federation and UiTM Alumni Association here, today.

Nasharuddin said differences of opinion should not deter the reconciliation effort since the core struggle of both parties was to protect the sanctity of Islam and the position of the Malays.

"Are we going to wait until the ummah collapses like in the other Muslim world before we finally work towards reconciliation. And a new awareness to unite is only spurred after we have crumbled to ground zero.

"From my experience, not all in Umno are evils and not all in PAS are angels," he said.

He said in the wake of the 13th General Election results, the national reconciliation should start with the Malays as the main agenda.

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