Saturday, May 4, 2013

BN’s Transformation Agenda is a Vision for Malaysia’s Future

Cast your mind back to 2009 for a moment, and you will see how far the nation has come in a matter of four years. Back then, we suffered from the after-shock of a global financial crisis, which brought poor economic growth, even negative growth in March 2009, one month before Datuk Seri Najib Razak took over as Prime Minister.
Najib promised to transform Malaysia, unleash sweeping economic, political and social reforms, and he has done exactly that. The results are there for everyone to see, with our buoyant economy growing 5.6 per cent last year.
The series of bold reforms implemented by Najib has transformed the economy and governance in Malaysia.
From the Security Offences Bill that replaced the 52-year old Internal Security Act (ISA), to the Peaceful Assembly Act, and the amendments to the Printing Presses and Publications Act and the Universities and University Colleges Act, Najib has achieved a steady and peaceful transformation of this nation, bringing us up to speed as a modern and free democracy.
Najib has also ushered in an era of political maturity, with the Barisan Nasional Government comfortable with relaxing its controls and letting go of some of its powers.
This is a historic moment for the nation, and we can all feel a sense of history being made. In fact, we are witnessing our nation changing peacefully and democratically, with the reforms being led by a leader with a vision.
Najib has already shown that he wants Malaysia to be a competitive country where it matters not which community you're from but how good you are and what your needs are. He has implemented reforms to unleash the potential of Malaysians and to spread the benefits of development to all sections of the population.
Economy, education, security laws, and the electoral process – there is no area which the Prime Minister has left untouched in his plan to make Malaysia the leading nation in Southeast Asia.
This is not a small achievement. Few countries have transformed themselves from within, without foreign intervention, in a peaceful and democratic manner.
Malaysia is therefore a trailblazer in its own right, and our reform progress is being seen as a role model by the rest of the developing world, particularly in Asia and Africa.
All of this has been done despite the clamouring from Bersih and the like, claiming that Najib was not doing enough or that this was all superficial puff for the cameras. Malaysians don't seem to think so.
Neither do international observers, with everyone from The Wall Street Journal to the World Bank praising Najib's reforms. Yet he acknowledges there is still more work to be done and has called on Malaysians for their help in providing him a strong mandate.
What Malaysia needs is to continue the stable transformation that Najib is implementing with his reform programme. This needs to be supported by voters on Sunday.
In its election manifesto, BN has effectively set out a roadmap for Malaysia towards 2020 and beyond. That vision will only come true if Malaysians rally behind Najib to ensure he has the strong mandate needed to take the nation to the next level.
The ball is now in our court.

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