Monday, May 6, 2013

After the Victory Tweet, Anwar Becomes The Sore Loser

In the end, it was too much to expect Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to do the right thing.
That would have involved him playing his part in the continuation of our maturing democracy by graciously conceding defeat and congratulating the Prime Minister – it's a time honoured tradition for defeated party leaders around the world, but not this one.
When informed of Barisan's victory, Anwar said he would not accept the result.
"As of now, we are not accepting the results," he said petulantly, perhaps hoping to go out in a blaze of glory by miring this nation in some new crisis or an Arab Spring of his own making.
He went on to detail allegations of impropriety that weren't capable of determining the outcome of GE13. These included allegations of missing ballot boxes and that Pakatan counting agents had been barred from doing their jobs in Lembah Pantai, the seat his daughter went on to win. Both of these claims were quickly rejected by the EC which had already been praised for staging a fair and transparent election by international election observers.
Anwar's sour grapes will surprise no one who saw his ludicrous tweet at 7 pm as the count was getting underway.
"PR has won. We urge UMNO and the EC to not attempt to hijack the results," he tweeted before a single seat had been declared.
This tweet made people wonder. What was Anwar playing at? It seemed to be not a genuine claim to victory. Once again shrewd Anwar was paving the way for his excuse in the wake of defeat, namely that he was robbed at the ballot box.
Anwar's poor form and lack of grace following BN's victory has surprised the rakyat, including his coalition's supporters, who took to social media to attack him.
"Anwar Ibrahim will be remembered as the oppo leader who announced victory before anything. Only to be shown the way out by the people," tweeted Syawal Hafriz.
"If DAP fares better than PKR, will Lim Kit Siang take over from Anwar Ibrahim as Opposition leader?" asked Niki Cheong on Twitter. Given the way DAP galvanised Chinese support while PKR voters failed to respond to his Anwar's leadership, that question might be answered sooner rather than later.
Senior figures within Pakatan Rakyat will see GE13 as the one that got away. But they won't just focus on Anwar's failed leadership. They will, if they are honest, look at the blunders and irreconcilable ideological and religious differences that rendered their coalition unworthy of government.
Meanwhile, Anwar comes off looking sour and defeated, a sore loser.

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