Monday, May 9, 2016

SUPP condemns insults on social media targeting Sarawakians

SUPP has condemned the flood of hate messages and insults which have been hurled against Sarawakians on social media following the state Barisan Nasional’s landslide election victory.

The party, a component party of Sarawak Barisan, called the insults offensive and hurtful, adding that they were likely from Opposition supporters who are frustrated with their parties’ crushing defeat in the just-concluded state polls.

SUPP information chief Adam Yii said Monday that party leaders were saddened by the messages that reflected politics of hate.

“There have been a sizable number of insulting messages being posted on social media since the results of the state election on Saturday.

“Those posting these hateful messages are mocking Sarawakians with insinuations that we are jungle people living on tree tops, that we are poor people easily bought with money; and they have labelled us stupid and idiots.

“There are also insults of a racial and religious nature.

“It is clear that those posting these messages cannot accept the results of this state polls and that they are frustrated that the Opposition has been soundly defeated. But messages of an extreme hateful nature are beyond accepted norms and beyond decency.

“Sarawakians have already made their choice and this is part of the democratic process.

“Sarawakians did not insult anyone when the Opposition won Penang and Selangor,” he said.

Yii said that Sarawakians had made their choice to follow the path they believe in, thus everyone should move on.

Barisan won 72 of the 82 seats on in the state election.

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